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    Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 6

    Erin McLevey
    Jul 10, '15 9:32 AM EST


    This week I rescheduled the Partners Pick photo shoot for next Wednesday. I had to reach out to pet owners for the Pet Smart portion of the shoot to see if their dogs were available to come in. I was coordinating dates and schedules for the studios and photographers. I also had to set up concept and inspiration boards for the October and November photo shoots. These boards were to be reviewed by a group in a meeting that was discussing upcoming issues and articles. In addition to this I was organizing Christmas props and creating labels for the materials/archive library.

    This week. I was also put in charge of a social media project for Kevin Sharkey, I created his Pinterest page, and I am now running his account and showing him how to use it. Every day I post new boards and pins and review them with him. Check it out and follow him! ( In order to start this, he told me who his favorite designers and architects are, so I researched their styles a bit. I also reviewed Kevin’s mood boards and inspiration that he has created and collected for over 20 years.

    In addition to these things, I also helped out with organizing expense reports. With this I had to contact people to request receipts to validate purchases.


    Because Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. is such a large company with many different departments and outlets, each area has their own merchandise and materials to keep in order. For example the crafts department has all of their materials organized in the craft room by item, name, color etc.

    Another way that they are able to keep all of their materials and merchandise organized in through their vendors. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. doesn’t normally sell their products directly, they sell it trough other outlets, such as their bedding line with Macy’s, the pet’s line with Pet Smart, as well as the line of home goods for Home Depot. These companies also have their own large databases to keep things organized.


    This week, I will talk about meeting Ken West, EVP, Chief Financial Officer. Ken went to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA. He was a triple major, and was taking graduate classes while he was still in undergraduate because he wanted to keep busy. Soon after graduating with almost four majors, he started working at Ernst and Young law firm. Next he worked at Marvel Entertainment at the CFO. After working there for a large portion of his career, he came to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. and has been here for four years. He also mentioned that he and his wife have two children.

    While at Marvel Entertainment, he had to basically rebuild the entire company. Before he started there, the company was almost in bankruptcy, and could barely meet their payroll every week. He needed to fix the company first and make it valuable, instead of just licensing out the company. Later, He and their team decided to sell the company to Disney for 4.4 billion dollars.

    What does your daily schedule look like?

    • There are around 180 people at Marvel Entertainment worldwide, they would rent out employees for movies that would balloon this employment to over 800 people for the short term. Working at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. where there are over 300 full time employees, it is a lot more people to deal with every day. He can try to schedule and plan his days, but emails and meetings just come up and things are always changing.

    How do you feel about working in a creative environment?

    • He talked about liking to walk around the office when he gets the opportunity and see what people are doing.

    Any Advice for interns?

    • Ask questions, be curious and learn. Internships weren’t a thing when he was in school. They weren’t relevant or popular so he mainly took classes during the summers.

    What should we look for in a job after we graduate?

    • Go with a brand name company that people recognize. It can leverage you to whatever field you want to end up in.

    Anything else we should know?

    • He is the president of the East Coast Maserati Club. He is licensed to race cars.

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