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    Week 5

    By sspears5
    Jul 5, '15 3:35 PM EST

    This week, we continued to work on several reconfiguration options.  We worked up the purchase orders for part of our Student Services order.  We’ve been in contact with Terri finalizing the order for the first wave of their design.  On Wednesday, we had a meeting with one of our contract line furniture reps to see some of the new lines.  I finalized updating the resource room as well.    


    We do all of our specifying ourselves.  We have two contract lines that we work with predominantly, as well as other lines that we use on occasion.  We have discounts with the companies both for our customers and ourselves.  Project fees are determined based on how much time we spend working on each project.  State projects are charged $65 an hour while all others are charged $75 an hour.  When estimating the cost of a project, we work up several different options and price each individual component.   We then format that pricing into a quote, including design fees and installation costs.  If the client has a budget, then we take that into consideration with the items being specified, then we work with the client once we show them our initial options for their space. 


    In my time at NOI, I have been able to work with our receptionist, Lisa, on a daily basis.  She helps us work up our quotes for our clients.  It’s incredible how fast she is able to get the information back to us.  It’s interesting to see all of the things she does for the office to keep it running smoothly.  She deals with all of the installations, coordinating with our various installers, handling purchase orders, running quotes, and so many other things.    

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