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    Week 6

    By sspears5
    Jul 12, '15 6:52 PM EST

    This week at NOI, we were busy preparing for the post NeoCon show that was held Thursday night at the UT Convention Center.  We planned out the contents of our booth, as well as a fun activity for visitors to our booth to participate in.  I actually came up with the game we ended up playing, as well as going and buying the various prizes for the game.  We decided upon a mini nerf bow and arrow, with the various levels of the target denoting different prizes.  The outermost level was a plastic cup, middle was a beach towel, and the bullseye was a set of decorative pillows.  We also decided upon a beach themed tote for the grand prize for our booth.  On Thursday, Amy, Ruth, and I set about getting the booth set up.  We realized we needed some decorative pieces to dress it up a little, so we set out to find what we needed.  The overall look of our booth was very retro, so we went to several vintage shops to find what we needed.  The actual event itself was really great to attend.  I had the opportunity to meet so many different reps and designers from the area, as well as see a wide array of new products on the market. 

    It is fairly easy for NOI to stay up to date on FF&E resources.  Since we are a furniture dealer, we have various reps that call on us frequently, updating our catalogues and binders in our resource room when we do.  We have two rotary files where we store the different binders in alphabetical order.  Additionally, we have storage bins that house our larger loose samples, and a sliding slat wall on which we hang the smaller samples.  I went through and reorganized the room recently, so everything that can be is alphabetized for easier searching.  All like materials are kept near each other, such as laminates and fabrics, also aiding in making a search for a particular finish easier.


    This week, I had the opportunity to meet Katie, our rep for Izzy and Highmark.   She came into the office to discuss new products on Wednesday, then I also had the opportunity to speak with her again at the show Thursday night.  At 26, she is still very familiar with design school and the things we are facing now as rising seniors.  It was really great to get to talk to her about life after school, job searching, etc.  She is an extremely sweet young woman and an incredible contact to have made during this experience.

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