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    Week 4:

    By jeshedge
    Jul 13, '15 11:09 PM EST

    This week brought a slew of new opportunities. For starters, I started working on renderings for a client, which I did through CAP, and I began working on floor plans for a training room. The training room is very long and narrow, so I started looking for furniture that would fit and work well for their purposes. Of course, I also did comparisons, and spec sheets for these. I also started learning new programs, as well as placing orders. Again this week, I was still working on the TVA window display that I am in the midst of assembling. On Friday, I went back to KDM for our final day of working on Lexy’s room. This day held a lot of last minute details, including painting barn door, and coming up with hardware that would allow said doors to lock. Later that night, we revealed the room to Lexy and her family, needless to say, there were lots of tears involved.

    Lexy, along with the fearless leader/designer, Missy Johnson.



    This week I talked with several members of the Knoxville CBi team about marketing. As every business knows, good business is centered around relationships. As a company, Cbi is not involved in advertising in any “normal” way, that is to say, that they focus on building relationships, creating a vast learning center, social media, and coalition partners. They also do not focus on a certain market, but rather make it their job to be able to work in any market. In the last year, their top three markets were higher education, healthcare, and corporate. In the last little bit, CBi has shifted from many locations working as separate entities to one entity sharing the name of OneCBi. Within that umbrella, there is a company that houses all of their shared services such as marketing, accounting, and human resources.

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