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    Week 9

    By sspears5
    Jul 31, '15 2:28 PM EST

    This week, our new designer started.  Monday morning, Amy, Debbie, and I met and went over all of the projects I have worked on this summer so that Debbie can prepare to take over them after today.  We discussed all of the work that has been done on the projects up to this point, including the original design, all the way through any changes that had been made.  From there, I spent part of the week training Debbie in how ProjectMatrix and ProjectSpec works so she can be somewhat familiar with how to use them when she goes to the Nashville office for training next week.  We have also worked to close out some of the projects I’ve worked on in my time here.  Portions of the Student Services projects were scheduled for install this week, we met with Trane to finalize their order and schedule their install, and final decisions were made on the Dunford Hall project.  Yesterday, we had a meeting with the furnishings committee at Cornerstone Church in order to begin wrapping up their project as well. 


    In my time at NOI, I have come to realize that the design philosophy of the designers and sales people alike is guiding the client toward the solution that will best fit their needs, even if that happens to be referring them to another dealership that has a solution that will better suit them.  I have seen this to be particularly true in working with Amy.  She is always very open with clients on how well she feels she can address their needs and concerns.  With contract jobs, such as those that we do with UT, she has developed a very good relationship with individuals in multiple departments, allowing her to have a comfortable, open relationship with those people. 


    Our new designer, Debbie Walker, began working with us on Monday.  Debbie has worked in a Steelcase dealership in Gainesville, Florida, as well as a restaurant supply firm in Sevierville.  She has been in the industry for a while now.  It’s really great being able to get her perspective on things since she has worked at a different dealership, as well as doing work in the restaurant portion of the field.  Like me, she enjoys working with finishes and playing with different combinations in order to find the best fit. 


    It’s crazy to think that 9 weeks have already gone by.  Next week, I’ll be finishing up my internship.  This has been such a wonderful experience.  Everyone I have had the pleasure to work with up to this point has taught me so much about the industry and client-designer relationships.  I never dreamed I would be doing as much in my internship as I actually have.  It has been such a fabulous learning experience! I’m truly going to miss everyone at NOI!

    Thanks for all the wonderful advice, laughs, and memories!

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