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    Meggie Herod- Week 6

    By meggieherod
    Jul 5, '15 11:52 PM EST

    Week Summary

    This week I did the usual tasks including; ordering fabrics and materials, choosing grout colors etc. I cut a lot of fabric to staple onto C.O.M. tags. Something interesting that the other intern Ali and I had to do was to order 3-5 memos of each fabric in each room being used for two projects. We had to cut (10) 1-inch pieces of each fabric and organize them into folders labeled by what room they go in. Tomorrow our president and principal of the firm, from what I understand, will take each folder and with some machine it will pick out colors from the fabric to choose colors in art pieces to go in the room. I found this interesting and will ask more on it. 


    Getting to Know Someone Knew:

    This week I will tell you about Juan. Juan is the only male in the office out of 28 people. He graduated with an Architecture degree from the University of the Andes in Bogota, Colombia, S.A. He then went to Vanderbilt and received his masters in Civil Engineering. He has two young daughters in Elementary school and they have stopped in the office before. Juan also drinks an espresso in the office everyday out of a cool espresso/cappuccino machine we have.


    Week 6 Focus:


    At Interior Design Associates the designers and assistant designers stay up to date with all FF&E resources by doing their own research online on different companies websites, but also we have companies and vendors come in each week to show us new products. Each person will bring us samples/books to keep in our materials library. This is a great opportunity to see what is new and to learn more about each product. We keep everything organized throughout the office. We have two large rooms filled with boxes of fabrics/books of fabric collections. Everything is organized very nicely. Loose fabrics will be organized into plastic bins based on their material type/color. Fabric book collections will be stored on shelving in order of their names. We have locations for carpet, tiles, mosaics, grout, wood, furniture books etc. If we find a fabric that is discontinued than we will throw it out so that it does not get thrown back in the library. Sometimes we will have companies come look at our library to see what is up to date. Just this past week when I was picking out grout colors to be used a lady came in to see which ones we had and supplied us with two brand new grout collections.  

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