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    Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week 8

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jul 12, '15 9:56 PM EST

    Week's Summary of Events:

    This week, I spent most of my time clearing out the materials library and getting some of the less active reps to participate more.  I am going to be taking everything we are getting rid of to Turnip Green Creative Reuse.  Later on in August, the rest of the excess will go to Zero Landfill.  Needless to say, it was the funnest week of my life.  (But I know you can already tell by just reading all of this tantalizing information.) 

    Week's Focus:

    FH Design is notorious for their material boards.  They are very elaborate and sacred in craft.  I have had the pleasure of contributing to the creation of some of them.  FH has notice that the clients they have are very responsive to the simultaneously visual and tactile form of presentation.  Of course, there are renderings, plans, sections, elevations, and the whole package based off what we have learned in studio classes when it comes to a final presentation for clients.  Presentation is fairly consistent throughout the progress of the project.  They find that most clients aren't quite as visual as we designers are - so they try to create presentations as complete as possible for every stage to help the clients understand their plans.  

    Getting to Know Someone New:

    This week I have gotten to know Lauren better.  (There is a Lauren and a Laura.  I already got to know Laura.)  Lauren is an interior designer in the hospitality department who just got two new puppies. They are super cute!

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