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    Week 1 KDM/CBi

    By jeshedge
    Jun 28, '15 11:29 PM EST

    Week 1:

                This week I worked at Kingdom Design Ministries, a nonprofit that renovated bedrooms and bathrooms for children with disabilities, from Tuesday till Saturday. The week started off with an overview of what the nonprofit does and then transitioned into demolition and building. When I started on Tuesday morning, there was a tentative floor plan and an overall color scheme for the rooms. The job we were working on included ripping out two bathrooms and turning them into one large accessible bathroom that will be connected to the master bedroom. My job was to review the floor plans, make sure everything was to code, prepare electrical and ceiling plans, and do elevations for all the tile work in the space. As I started looking at the floor plans, I realized that it would be difficult to maneuver for everyone, especially Lexy, who is confined to a wheelchair. After several iterations, and product changes later, we were able to provide a space that is much easier to access, has more storage, and not one, but two sinks. Once these things were determined, we were able to pick out all the products we would need to bring the project into a reality, including, grab bars, vanities/sinks, paint, a shower chair, and such. Having these items allowed for us to give detailed drawings to professionals as well as have a strong visual for volunteers. On Friday and Saturday, we began demolition and reconstruction on the bathrooms.

    Kingdom Design Ministries is a corporation with tax exemption benefits. 

    Lexy, is the client for which we are renovating the space. She was born with a condition that does not allow her to bend her legs, which means she will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Despite this, Lexy is a very loving individual, whose hobbies include hugging and listening to Taylor Swift (her hero).

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