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    Week Summary

    By awebb33
    Jun 8, '15 3:10 PM EST

    Firms and engineers that we work with come to us when they get new projects. We give them a schematic design and budget to start showing to the contractor and owner. Photo metric studies are done to decide which lighting is best for each projects. The scale of projects range all over so there is a good variety of projects. 

    As the projects goes further we start making more crucial lighting decisions and finding out we can give them for their budget. There is a whole team that puts in work for the projects. Everyone has their own skill set that they contribute to the process. 

    We manage these decisions with the electrical engineers, architects, contractors, and owner.

    The time management depends on the schedule that the contractor and architects have decided on. We could start doing lighting design for a project that won't go to bid month or even a few years. 

    We are in constant communication with all parties of the project. 


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