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    Week 2

    By sspears5
    Jun 13, '15 3:42 PM EST

    This week was another busy one at NOI.  We have numerous projects we are working on right now, several of which have been handed over to me.  Wednesday afternoon, we had a meeting with sales representatives from one of our suppliers.  Thursday afternoon was spent going on site visits and client meetings, getting details for a reconfiguration in a UT office, as well as meeting with an office in Student Services.  There we showed the clients different configuration options in order to improve productivity and functionality of their office.  The remainder of my time during the week was spent drawing up different versions of the various projects I am working on, creating project files, and formulating sif files for client approval so that orders can be placed. 


    At NOI, projects are initiated by clients meeting with one of our sales people.  During this time, the sales person and the client reach a decision of which furnishing system will best suit the needs of their individual needs.  After the meeting, any necessary additional information is obtained.  If the client has a current CAD file of their space, that is obtained.  If not, field measurements are done.  At this point, CAD files or field measurements and notes from the client meeting are handed over to a designer (the position I am working in this summer) so that different configuration options can be drawn up of the space.  From these, the client is able to choose the option that is the best fit for them.  If any changes to be made, the designer and sales person will work in conjunction to make those changes.  Finishes are selected and the final drawings are approved.  From these drawings, we are then able to sif out the individual parts, apply pricing and discounts, and send this to the customer so that the final order can be placed.  Once the products are put on order, the individual manufacturers send NOI a copy of the order to be checked over for accuracy.  Finally, once the order is received, all of the components are installed per the installation drawings. 


    In my time at NOI so far, I have worked with the design director in Nashville, Ruth Perez. She oversees the work done on all Nashville projects, as well as working on part of the Knoxville projects while we are looking for a new designer. Ruth is so wonderful to work with! She’s very helpful with any questions I have.  She oversaw my training in the two days I spent at the Nashville office.  During the time we spent together, I found out that Ruth and her family moved to the US from Puerto Rico when she was a little girl.  It’s fun to listen to her talk because her accent is a cross between a Puerto Rican American and a Southern accent.  Some things have a strong Puerto Rican cast to them, while others sound immensely southern.    

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