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    Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week 6

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jun 26, '15 3:17 PM EST

    Week's Summary of Events:

    This week was really interesting because I got to go on a job site.  It was the John C. Tune air port job site.  Feltus Hawkins was hired to redesign the interiors, but the exterior and runways are getting revamped as well.  Since we have been on construction sites before as a class, I didn't think it would be all that interesting; however, it was a completely different experience to be apart of the conversations between mill workers, architects, contractors, and construction workers.  It was actually super fun to talk to everyone.  Later on in the week, I continued transferring notes recorded on excel worksheets written by coworkers checking FOX regulations into a data base that our company uses.  I had the John C. Tune material tri-folds ready before we went on site with them.  

    Week's Focus: Week 6:

    Feltus Hawkins stays updated with their FF&E info, all their materials info, and all of their resources through the contractor commercial representatives that have done business with them in the past.  Feltus Hawkins is a well established firm, so they have done business with hundreds of companies for years.  To keep in touch with these companies, I have been updating their information by contacting each company whether they are furniture, textile, tile, or any kind of distributor and I ask for the contractor commercial representative for the Nashville area.  I then get the contact information and record it in an Excel document dedicated to such.  By staying in contact with the reps, the reps keep us updated on what they have in stock.  They will mail new product samples or bring by new books and sometimes they even have presentations at our office and bring us lunch. When you go to order a material and it is discontinued, you just toss it.

    Getting to Know Someone New: 

    This week I got to know Laura better.  She is one of the architects.  She and I went to the farmers market here in Nashville and got overpriced sandwiches.  It was rad. I found out that she had a cat she found in Knoxville when she went to UT and she had to get rid of it because it bullied her other cat.  Also, she has a twin so that's cool.

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