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    Week Three at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jun 21, '15 11:34 AM EST

    Geneva Frank

    Week’s Summary:

    This week was a busy one. It went by very fast. At Boulder Associates they’re getting me to assist on a great variety of projects. On Monday, I finished the rendering that was going to be presented in Florida the next day. The furniture had changed in the perspective, so I was assigned to sketch new furniture and then add it in the Photoshop file and correct the other elements. I also have been picking up redlines for three projects; and selecting materials and ordering samples for a cancer center. For one hospital project, I helped scan material samples and prepare them to be submitted for review. During my free time, I was helping sort through the materials library and move items. The office is changing, other designers are moving around to enable them to sit with their teams, and the entire materials library is moving closer to where most of the interior designers sit. This upcoming week, material islands and other furniture are being moved. Several designers were going through their old construction documents and everyone was clearing out the office. 


    Week’s Focus:

    Everyone at Boulder Associates takes their profession seriously. Most of the staff members are part of IIDA because it is more of an international organization, and also more commercial that other design associations. I found out about their internship opportunity on the IIDA website. The interior designers are either NCIDQ-certified, or planning to be. One designer who I’m helping with redlines, Lydia, is preparing for this certification. The other designers encourage her to focus on this instead of attending some other design events in order for her to succeed. It is a very encouraging environment at Boulder Associates. When EDAC hosts events, some of the design team goes together. They are aware of having to complete 10 hours in two years. Overall, the firm encourages learning and continuing education. On their office website, Biscuitnet, there is a specific page called Lessons Learned, and the list includes diverse, but relevant activities and events, such as something someone learned on a project, a mistake that occurred, or even just a Revit trick that will help the entire office. We share to help others. There is an EDAC meeting in Denver this week that a fellow designer might be attending, and I might accompany her. As far as conflicts, most haven’t had any difficult ones, just a high demanding client occasionally. Boulder Associates designed a surgery center and after completion the client asked them to create a list (similar to lessons learned) describing what they would do differently in the next surgery center, such as a material selection in a specific room that might be changed, or the alteration of some programmatic elements. At Boulder Associates, if there is a problem and it falls on the team, then they take the pay cut. Sometimes mistakes happens, but Boulder Associates, makes sure that all aspects of the design are up to code and correct in the end. 


    Getting to Know Someone New:

    This week I’m introducing you to Annie who I have sat next to for the past three weeks. Her position is an Interior Designer Intern 1. She has worked full time at Boulder Associates for two years--May 2013 to the present--and before this she worked as an intern for nine months. She currently is working on a nursing facility, an assisted living facility, two Kaiser Permanente clinics, one Banner Health clinic, and an Ortho Med Surge/OR Addition. It is interesting to see how she balances the different projects and the various teams upon which she works. She is my primary "go-to" person to ask questions. An interesting fact about Annie is that she studied abroad in Florence, Italy for five months during her junior year. Unfortunately, because of changes in the office, she moved desks in Studio A where we sit, so I don’t sit next to her anymore but she is still close by.

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