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    Week 2: KDM/CBi

    By jeshedge
    Jun 28, '15 11:31 PM EST

    Week 2:

                For my second week interning, I began at the Charlotte CBi office, where I received training with the other four company interns. This training lasted until Tuesday, and included basic technology training as well as experience working on the finishing touches with a team on an upcoming project. Wednesday, it was back to the Knoxville office, where I was able to work in the CAP program to determine how many pieces of each product needed to be ordered to complete the designed floor plan. On Thursday, I was once again working for KDM on the renovation. At this point, we were finishing the GWB, painting, tiling, keeping up with paperwork, and preparing for the installation of furniture/plumbing. As our tile installer refused to do work while on the job, our finish date was pushed back, which means we worked all the way through Sunday.


    Each project at KDM goes through a process of choosing a client, determining their needs, fundraising, and then moves onto design/build. Each phase relies on constant contact with the clients, and a firm understanding of what their needs mean to how their space needs to function. To do so, one has to be very good at networking (as I have recently discovered is vitally important, and not so easy to do). Fundraising is not merely asking for monetary donations, but also for the donation of products and services. This process is not one that can be put in a timeline, because it is never ceasing, yet, there are events put on by KDM to raise money that take place before the design process begins. After money is raised, the space is surveyed and design iterations begin. During this process, products are chosen and plumbing, electrical, and other services that apply are hired. After products are bought or donated, technical drawings such as elevations, electrical plans, reflected ceiling plans, and the like are done. These drawings are used not only for the professionals, but to explain to volunteers what they should be working toward. When these steps are complete, the building process begins. As I have learned this week, sometimes, the application of the design is susceptible to change due to time constraints and lack of skilled volunteers.

    Meet Andrea, she is the President of Kingdom Design Ministries, and the steady voice of reason on the jobsite. She is fantastic at keeping everyone calm, on task and making executive decisions (a skill that is much needed in this business). Her background in financial advising, along with her fantastic drilling skills, makes her a knowledgeable president.

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