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Sep '04 - Nov '06

  • [030] rage

    By bigness
    Mar 6, '05 3:44 PM EST

    ok, let me set this straight, i'm pissed off and i need an outlet. we've been praparing a presentation for our celebration week (the met's equivalent to the open juries at the AA) (yeah, i know) for a month now. It's the main reason I haven't been posting, as it mainly means reformatting the old... View full entry

  • [029] new project

    By bigness
    Feb 28, '05 1:28 PM EST

    New project, pictures soon. Our site is more than 400 Km/Sq. Yeah. Miniscenarios that motherfuckers. Anyway, bought a pc from (the cheapest i could find, we'll see if they deliver) and it should be here in a few days. It's a 3000 AMD 64bit and a nice 256 NV graphic card...if you... View full entry

  • [028] the waiting game

    By bigness
    Feb 20, '05 9:13 AM EST

    Hi folks! sorry for not posting anything for a while, but after the last project was finished we all has to rush back to our desks to complete all the other course requirements (technology, advocacy etc) that were left behind. are we all too busy? or is it just bad time management? Anyway, we... View full entry

  • [027] project hand in

    By bigness
    Feb 1, '05 6:52 AM EST

    final version of the presentation for the homerton radio project (almost final, the actual presentation is on the 10th, so i might change a few things before that) a bit (well, it was actually quite a lot) of research on radio broadcasting, schedule, programming and the use of demographics in... View full entry

  • [026] just a stop-gap post

    By bigness
    Jan 26, '05 6:34 AM EST all you new blog readers anmd/or writers, i'm one of the old guys from last term, welcome to my head. Portfolio hand-in is tomorrow, so consider: 1 day to sleep 2 days for binge drinking 2 days hungover in about 5 days time i will post some images of the finished project! don't wait up! View full entry

  • [25] the essay

    By bigness
    Jan 12, '05 7:49 AM EST

    work in progress, it's about 2/3 of the final lenght. this is waht was sent to Mr. Maclaren. apologies for repetitions, aliterations, spelling mistakes and the likes. me is a foreigner.“BOUNCE!”, The Laban centre by Herzog and De Meuron Architects. An essay by Richard Ceccanti... View full entry

  • [24] mail

    By bigness
    Jan 11, '05 6:16 AM EST

    From G. Maclaren, Advocacy tutor: "Richard Absolurely fabulous. Send it to BD or the AJ and i rekon you stand a good chance of getting a job like Ellis Woodman from her did once before If you can continue please do so . If you can't then illustrate.... I think you missed the trip to my dance hall... View full entry

  • [23] my favourite band

    By bigness
    Dec 20, '04 8:01 AM EST

  • [22] those shoes...

    By bigness
    Dec 20, '04 6:56 AM EST

    interim review, finally! we had the pleasure of being joined by......., degree unit tutor at the AA, to have some external feedback as well as the usual josh and raoul. All around we all did pretty well, the main criticism across the board is that there is an idea, there is research and then there... View full entry

  • [21] wales, we came, we drunk, we conquered

    By bigness
    Dec 20, '04 6:35 AM EST

    so, last weekend half of the year went to wales, to the centre for alternative technologies. the aim build a cottage really. split into groups we had to work on the various parts: floor, walls, fireplace, roof... we had 3 days to work on it, with various lectures and workshops to go with... View full entry

  • [20] bloggers working spaces

    By bigness
    Dec 5, '04 10:25 AM EST

    how about we all post some pictures of our working spaces, both at university and at home? my incredibly messy desk at home the unit space, all taken over by the massive site model View full entry

  • [019] wales here we come

    By bigness
    Dec 5, '04 10:23 AM EST

    so, a few pics, the project is shaping up pretty well, josh was quite happy after our tutorial on friday, and so was i. the prototype is developing as a series of triangles folded around various parts of the bus sheleter, that will be then made resonate with sound. it's actually taking me longer... View full entry

  • [018] stitches

    By bigness
    Nov 19, '04 6:28 AM EST

    hi y'all, just a quick one, while most of the computer room is taken over by a buch on ladiiies suddenly very interested in the wonders of Vectorworks (chances are because the guy running the tutorial is goodlooking). A quick list of the things done: -almost completely worked out the radio... View full entry

  • [017] what do you think?

    By bigness
    Nov 16, '04 7:40 AM EST

    I guess with time passing the "shock" of our tutors' approach is gone and we all get the grips with reality and start making our own ideas about it: my view on the whole thing is that this is pretty much community orientated advanced Architecture. the edge which is usually associated with this... View full entry

  • [016] Evolution

    By bigness
    Nov 8, '04 1:38 PM EST

    Finally starting to make some sense of the whole project. At first i was struggling to make a connection between the radio, the demographics and a built form of any kind. I guess old modernist approach helped a lot...all i had to do was plot on a map the areas of highest pedestrian movement and... View full entry

  • [015] more pics of spring house

    By bigness
    Oct 29, '04 7:23 AM EST

    a few more images...and yes, they have finally turned the heating on. not in the unit rooms, mind you! the entrance hall the main staircase the (smokers') courtyard the roof of the warehouse View full entry

  • [014] Thursday is the new friday, don't you know?

    By bigness
    Oct 29, '04 7:09 AM EST

    So, welcome everybody to our local boozer, the bailey. Located a swith 23 seconds (20 if you are REALLY gagging for a pint) from spring house, this lovely typical english pub has good beer, great thai food, produced in the cellar by a strange looking thai couple, who seem to appear behind you in a... View full entry

  • [013] Post review

    By bigness
    Oct 29, '04 6:36 AM EST

    First interim review for our "prototypes". Pinned up first on the left, which meant i was first to go. The research took longer than i expected, so i came up with a particularly rushed presentation, but the ammount of information and the foundamentally good idea (eh) made for a pretty good review... View full entry

  • [012] first interim review

    By bigness
    Oct 28, '04 5:04 AM EST

    This afternoon we'll have our first "review",or "crit", or "slaughter", call it as you wish. We only had about 3 days to prepare it, and most of it was spent on research, so no fancy presentations. After the mini-scenario exercise (an indept analysis of randomly selected points in the area we are... View full entry

  • [011] Spring house

    By bigness
    Oct 23, '04 12:40 PM EST

    A few words and pictures about our lovely, lovely building... the building id basicalli an L shaped plan, with the lond bit being an old "refurbished" warehouse, and the short part a new addition connecting the warehouse to the street. The building it about 100m from the Orion by Libeskind, which... View full entry

  • [010] the urban gallery

    By bigness
    Oct 23, '04 12:34 PM EST

    Sooooo, i promised i would repot on the initial results of the application of the method fostered by my menthor R. Bunschoten. The whole process took about 2h of field work (that is for 3 of us, 20 odd minisites each) l to r, tim and louis (pronouced the french way) seek spiritual guidance in... View full entry

  • [009] Homerton

    By bigness
    Oct 20, '04 11:53 AM EST

    Just got back from the first site visit, thanks to tim and louis for the much needed back up cover. The area is really something, council estates (housing projects for the american speaking public) from over 2 centuries of architectural mistakes...beautiful... what surprises you is how much... View full entry

  • [008] Archilab 2004

    By bigness
    Oct 19, '04 11:14 AM EST

    On monday we finally heard back from the people who went to this year's Archilab conference, were the work we did in the first week was exhibited. Archilab is a conference/exhibition organized by Bart Lootsma, that tries to present a wide scope of progects representing the current state of... View full entry

  • [007] i know who you are...

    By bigness
    Oct 11, '04 7:02 AM EST

    today i finalised my move from unit 5 to unit 8, by talking to the diploma course leader about it. he asked me my name, i replied, and whn i asked if he wanted me to write it down given my "unpronounceable for an english" surname, he replied: "i know who you are". now, i've only been here for... View full entry

  • [006] DON'T do as you are told

    By bigness
    Oct 9, '04 8:57 AM EST

    sorry to all my fans for the late internet at home yet! first day of school... to start with we attended a rather confusing description of the unit/credit/modules system. something very simple became quite complicated, given the fact that they tried to describe all the postgraduate... View full entry

  • [005] have you seen this pavillion?

    By bigness
    Sep 23, '04 8:19 AM EST

    So...packed stuff, bought ticket, told lady good-bye, and off I went. The house is not ready yet, so I'm staying with a friend of a friend's aunt, who speaks portuguese and very little english, and leaves in Wandsworth, which is out of the planet for my posh london standards (like, zone 3, are you... View full entry

  • [004] now explain this...

    By bigness
    Sep 13, '04 9:51 AM EST

    this is the fall semester time table... and yet, to a closer look... explanations anyone? View full entry

  • [003] Ready, Steady...NO NO NO, WAIT!

    By bigness
    Sep 10, '04 10:39 AM EST

    the units are out! today i was greated by the online versions of the rationales to the 9 studios (8+the free studio) for this year. (I guess) the participants to the units are decided on an portfolio-based interview, and numbers are limited, which means it is about fuckin' time i stop... View full entry

  • [002] Pre-school wandering

    By bigness
    Sep 7, '04 5:58 AM EST

    Since this should be a chance to give an insight in the institution we attend, i thought i would share this with you guys. The MET (from now on that's short for london metropolitan university) offers a "free studio", a chance to explore your own agenda. i havent heard precise details of it yet... View full entry

  • [001] 3 weeks to go...

    By bigness
    Sep 4, '04 11:57 AM EST

    this is more a test than anything else, the induction wont start before the 27th of september...i guess us brits are just lazier than our US colleagues. wait on! View full entry

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