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    [014] Thursday is the new friday, don't you know?

    By bigness
    Oct 29, '04 7:09 AM EST

    So, welcome everybody to our local boozer, the bailey.


    Located a swith 23 seconds (20 if you are REALLY gagging for a pint) from spring house, this lovely typical english pub has good beer, great thai food, produced in the cellar by a strange looking thai couple, who seem to appear behind you in a puff of smoke everytimeyou think or mention the word "food", a good selection of tunes and snowboard/skate/bmx videos playing on the screens (when the football is not on, that is).


    The entire postgraduate school of architecture seems to pour inside around 6.30 on thursdays, and since fridays are not even contemplated in our weekly schedule, debauchery is the order of the day.


    Drunken wannabe architects can be seen leaving the joint around 10.30 stumbling their way south towards upper street, angel and its numerous bars. the problem is, that after they hit angel, just south they find shoreditch, old street and yet other bars and clubs.

    the pints screamed:"please don't drink us!"

    famously dead pop artist are part of the regular crowd

    Result: do never attempt to call or make contact with a Met student on a friday morning.


    • MADianito

      i love thursday nights anywhere in the world....thursday have been "new" friday since 10 years ago or something to me...

      but good ur recognizing it...cheers!

      Oct 29, 04 10:42 am  · 
      David Cuthbert

      Thursdays is the architects Friday, and Sunday is the architects Thursday didn't you get the memo

      that pub looks like fun - but never heard of a pub with Thai food have I been outta the UK that long?

      Nov 1, 04 11:14 am  · 

      i think that thursday is architects friday, and sunday is the architects monday (i start working on sunday for shit i have to present on monday, or deadlines, presentations, etc) i found now more easy to go out on a tuesday or thursday night than on weekends....weekends in architects life are for work... yuk!

      Nov 3, 04 6:50 am  · 

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