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    [009] Homerton

    By bigness
    Oct 20, '04 11:53 AM EST

    Just got back from the first site visit, thanks to tim and louis for the much needed back up cover.

    The area is really something, council estates (housing projects for the american speaking public) from over 2 centuries of architectural mistakes...beautiful...

    what surprises you is how much fencing there see, in the uk, houses are not usually fenced off, much like the front gardens of american suburbia. in homerton every bit of open space, be it public or private, car park or garden, is sealed off with tall black fences, wire nets, barbed wires, cctv, if everybody is so concerned about security, who is actually doing the stealing?

    the huge new hospital complex had a strange effect, nominally causing the redevelopment of the properties on the north side of the hospital where the staff entrance is (houses being bought and rented by the staff) highlighting even more the decay of the southern side.

    north side: refurbished victorian terraces with nice front gardens and new ford mondeo's parked up front

    south side: run down council estates with ugly desert looking lawns and new souped up bmw with tinted windows parked up front.

    And, hear hear, what is our site? the only bit of public run park in the area! yeah! i sense some good old fashioned modernist intervention, some park la villette style hard landscaping! i'm all up for it!

    the urban gallery approach was useful so far only in how it forced us to walk around the area for a couple of hours and take pictures. tonight i will try and develop my narratives.

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