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    [038] it's getting late

    By bigness
    Apr 14, '05 5:19 PM EST

    oh, i love mobile phones with cameras and bluetooth...
    10:20 pm
    and for some reasons, the ipod on the desk (mine) hasn't worked for the last 3 days!


    • have you tried resetting the ipod?

      Apr 14, 05 5:26 pm  · 
      Darren Hodgson

      It's probably the evil apple ipod battery kicking in, once its reached its life limit say goodbye to your ipod... cos you ain't changing the battery...

      Apr 15, 05 3:46 am  · 

      nah, it's just damaged, it can't access the hard drive, and neither can the application to reset/restore it, i get that "folder with the exclamation mark" icon and when i try to update it it tells me it doesn't have the correct structure...i'll wait for it to run out of battery completely and then give it a try.

      Apr 15, 05 5:58 am  · 

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