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    [005] have you seen this pavillion?

    By bigness
    Sep 23, '04 8:19 AM EST

    So...packed stuff, bought ticket, told lady good-bye, and off I went.
    The house is not ready yet, so I'm staying with a friend of a friend's aunt, who speaks portuguese and very little english, and leaves in Wandsworth, which is out of the planet for my posh london standards (like, zone 3, are you shitting me?)

    jokes aside, many thanks to her kindness, otherwise i would be spending a fortune in hostels (which, in freakin london, charge £25 per night).

    So, during my frequent trips to the centre, i bumped into a familiar structure...have you seen this pavillion?

    YES! is the 2001 serpentine pavillion by toyo ito...
    its being kept in the yard of this thing, some of you might recognize it from an album cover...


    its a shame since the thing is rusting, and i guess some good soul could buy it...tool shack anyone?

    Good news is that squad of builders can be seen around the power station, and i think i saw a borehole drill, so they might have come up with some future for the thing (high-end flats and retail space, who needs another gallery?)

    next year: buy your own fake mountain!

    apart from that not much to report, 10 days to go...


    • MADianito

      Wouldn't be a good idea if the serpentine due to their lack of pavillion this year re-installed the Ito's one?? ...well "what if"s not really exists and summer its over... they should look for a way to re-use that pavillion, it was great as far as i remember....

      Also another thing... wouldn't a pavillion supose to be a "ephemeral" structure designed to dissapear and/or being reciclated at the end of its short life (esceptions make rules: BCN pavillion by Mies)... they still can "reciclate" Ito's pavillion original function...ok sorry, i started thinking out loud here

      Sep 23, 04 11:49 am  · 

      With the news about the mvrdv pavilion I have been wondering what the hell they do with the old ones. Now I know and I'm amazed that some Larry Gagosian hasn't bought it to put in their yard. That's crazy! at least someone, even if it's some rich collector, could be enjoying it and perhaps even preserving it. Ay. That's terrible.

      Sep 23, 04 11:51 am  · 

      Calm down, the pavilion is not rusting away. It was actually bought by the corporation who is behind the redevelopment ot the Power Station. The pavilion is now their marketing suite, they even installed glass panel in the parts of the web which used to be open. So if you want to see it, put on a suit and pretend that you are some investor.
      Last march AA Diploma unit 9 did their main project using the Power Station and they used the Ito Pavilion as an exhibition space for their projects. You can see some photos in the Project Review there are also recent pictures in 0lll.
      The Gallery does sell the pavilion every year that is an essetial part of the operation, in fact if you want to buy the MVRDV mountain you can do it already.

      Sep 23, 04 6:53 pm  · 

      ludwig you are so knowledgeable of the fact of my city, i want to take you out for a beer and soak up your knowledge (no hidden meanings here).

      i had no idea, yet this sparked the highest moment of popularity for my blog, so i guess i will be making up architectural news from now on:


      (disclaimer: all of the above are made up news, apart from the alsop one, possibly)

      Sep 24, 04 10:30 am  · 

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