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    [027] project hand in

    By bigness
    Feb 1, '05 6:52 AM EST

    final version of the presentation for the homerton radio project (almost final, the actual presentation is on the 10th, so i might change a few things before that)

    a bit (well, it was actually quite a lot) of research on radio broadcasting, schedule, programming and the use of demographics in popular entertainement. also research on self organizing structures, at a very basic level (mainly in animals behaviour, thanks archinecters!)

    the diagrams explaining how the operation will work (in both a more scientific way and in a very figurative one), explenation of revenue reinvestment and weekly schedule according to location-specific demographics

    the prototypes

    the prototypes at work

    "open" version of the material sample

    taking on mad's example, i suggest a few books i read this semester and that helped for the project:

    war in the age of intelligent machines, manuel de landa
    6 degrees, duncan j. watts
    the hitchicker's guide to the galaxy series, douglas adams (kept my sanity levels)
    blur, the making of nothing, diller and scofidio
    contested symmetries, preston scott cohen (that's porn, by the way)

    and also, have a look at the work of, those guys rock, i want to make coffee for them this summer!

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