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    [034] the notorious ASD blog

    By bigness
    Apr 11, '05 9:16 AM EST

    So, this thing seems to be popular around here, for good or for worst...

    advice for all you bloggers: if you want to make your blog popular at school, be one of the cool kids and get that date with the prom queen, just start publishing pics of random people and projects with funny captions, and SHABAM! everybody will read your blog! none has tried to kick my ass, just yet.

    Anyway, the project is going, but really not going anywere. the site is too big, there are too many problems and i am constantly shifting between wanting to address all of them on one side and wanting to do something purely architectural on the other. oh well.

    Thing around here are shaping up,slowly, for the end of year. The met takes a lot of pride in the final year show, and there is a lot of competition between the units (two in particular, mainly because of their similarities in brief)

    There has been talk of selecting only certain projects for the show, and not all of them as in previous years. This is obviously very much against the all inclusive, politically correct, socialistic-humanoitarian attitude of the place. yet many feel it would be a good idea, as last year's show felt quite diluted...we ain't no Bartlett.

    Some units are preparing a publication of their work, some other are making the students chip in a few quids (or 200) for the exhibition materials. Things like these make me wonder: how much of it was the students' idea and how much is just a tutor's ego trip

    All the while, the applied technology unit has finally finished having lecturesfor both the 4th and 2nd year, which if find rather laughable.

    Back to the project, it will be a mall. a series of malls connected by a railways line. with public facilities. amd gardens. and it will be urbanistically integrated. and...see what i mean?

    If i have to sum it all up ,all in all i have enjoyed this year at the met, but it was more down to the people and the turos i have encountered, and less to do with the university and the type of knowledge being taught.

    I'd better stop ram,bling and go bend some metal in the workshop.

    "Got to move on" (fennesz, endless summer)


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