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    [104] why

    By bigness
    Oct 24, '05 6:54 PM EST

    why does one make stupid yet devastating mistakes when handling drivers in one's pc?

    why does one feel the need for a bicycle just as soon as he has sorted out his wheels of steel, and is ready for a rampant collection of speeding tickets, bus lanes infractions and burned traffic lights?

    why does one get the feeling that all this talking about performative structure is actualy one way of not having to deal withthe real problem of Architecture, who is, was, and always will be, people?

    why does one (another one) think program is overrated? can we assume, up to a certain point, a bottom up self-organization in buildings, in the use of space? autopoieisis, anyone?

    (no, professor, i am not, for one minute, supposing you and your crew of disciples might be right. i think you are the half eaten remains of what was, and is no more. i believe we are not even doing the same thing. one thing is construction, one thing is Architecture, one thing is polished concrete. i believe we are both involved in only one of the three)

    why does one miss the shelter of certain small streets as well as the equally,if somewhat more mental, sheltering shelter of some large squares?

    final presentation of the performative shelter project on thursday, computer down, powerpoint all the way to wednesday.

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