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    By bigness
    Jan 11, '05 6:16 AM EST

    From G. Maclaren, Advocacy tutor:


    Absolurely fabulous. Send it to BD or the AJ and i rekon you stand a
    good chance of getting a job like Ellis Woodman from her did once before

    If you can continue please do so . If you can't then illustrate....

    I think you missed the trip to my dance hall. My floor is oK and my walls
    are white but not enough regenerative eye candy for regenertion maybe.

    Very accomplished writing . Try Real Time maybe first Bob Harbison would
    prob like a piece called Laban revisited. Do you want me to recommend
    it? I'll pay for a double issue if he wants to cut it too much for its
    integrity. Parhaps it could be a special MPL issue . It addresses
    precisely the agenda I have been trying to set.

    Regards, Gordon

    I laughed my ass off,
    can't think of a better way to resume university, thanks gordon!

    happy new year everybody


    • bigness

      the essay was about the laban centre by herzog and demeuron, and how a prize winning building is actually a failure in both its two major programmatic targets: being a dance school and regenerating the area.

      why is it histerical? i mean, read it! he sais he will pay for a double issue of a magazine so that my piece could be published in its entirety! coming from a tutor, you've got to laugh!
      he's a real character, very cynical. and the way he talks about his own buildings?
      i don't know, i think its very funny how he mixed real comments with total bullshit. maybe its just me.

      Jan 11, 05 5:33 pm  · 

      if BD and AJ let you down hey why not post your piece on would be nice to see it.....and perhaps we can actually talk about some real architecture instead of the nothingness we all continuously add to with smiles on our face!!

      Jan 11, 05 7:32 pm  · 

      i guess i will!
      tomorrow, as i'm in an internet cafe now!

      i'm still hoping for bd though...:)

      Jan 11, 05 7:34 pm  · 

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