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    [010] the urban gallery

    By bigness
    Oct 23, '04 12:34 PM EST

    Sooooo, i promised i would repot on the initial results of the application of the method fostered by my menthor R. Bunschoten.

    The whole process took about 2h of field work (that is for 3 of us, 20 odd minisites each)

    image l to r, tim and louis (pronouced the french way) seek spiritual guidance in order to understand what the heck they are supposed to do

    we took several pictures of the area, the process took a while and i think it allowed us to get away from the typical site visit, with a focus more on the things happening on the ground rather the buildings or the landscape. It made me realize how at a certain scale (1:1, 1:5) every little movement has ripercussions on it close surrounding. Where do you position a bus stop? what effect its positioning has on the sorrounding highstreet and sidestreets? on the shops? how does a simple fench, or even a signpost, influence your percieving of the area or the way you, the occasional user, and all the everyday users travel through it?

    a very fast moving everyday user. check the look of determination. eye of the tiger!

    On friday I made my way to the RIBA library (since membership is free for students now) to have a look at Bunschoten literary piece de resistance, Urban Flotsam. And i think the book shares the same defects as the way the unit has been run so far. The focus on small scale non architectural facts is great, but the whole process is incredibly stiff, the way it is organised and eexplained, certainly for didactic purposes, makes it hard to understand the real implications and intentions. learning through process is great, but at postgraduate level it would make a lot more sense to explain certain things beforehand.

    Thursday presentation of our prototypes, the interventions we intend to make in order to achieve a change in one of our miniscenarios.

    Mine will be the addition of a sound system to a bus stop just off the highstreet, in order to attract schoolkids from the nearby college in an attempt to revive the dead victorian terraced streets inside homerton. drawings soon!

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