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    [002] Pre-school wandering

    By bigness
    Sep 7, '04 5:58 AM EST

    Since this should be a chance to give an insight in the institution we attend, i thought i would share this with you guys.

    The MET (from now on that's short for london metropolitan university) offers a "free studio", a chance to explore your own agenda. i havent heard precise details of it yet, but basically the student comes up with the idea, possibly the brief, and the university offers resources and finances to ay for external tutors. its obiously restricted to a small number and a very selected few.

    I've been toying with the idea of coming up with a proposal to give it a shot, but as usual when faced with a blank sheet of paper of an open green field you're stuck, if like me you usually exploit the constrains you are presented with to develop ideas. the metaphisical context is baffling...but at the same time it could be a great way of exploring my own issues.

    the main idea i've been thinking of is social housing. The uk is littered with "Project style" housing, 30 storeys RC monster towers with 2.5m ceilings. Since these things are more of less build to the same footprint, using 3/4 standard internal arrangements, it would be interesting to develop a low cost intervention that could be applyed by local authorities in order to either improve or totally change the use/appearance/program of these places...a catalogue like approach, from landscape to internal furniture to replanning of the flats to change of use. the climatic conditions, the arrangements and the urban settings of these towers is pretty much standard thruout the country.


    The whole thing would be explored from the structural, functional, social, programmatic and economical point of view (now that i am listing them it sounds like a biiiig fucking load of work)

    I will try and develop this further, although i need to get back to the uk in order to find the right sources. suggestions, help, name-droppings will be appreciated!

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