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    [035] the monster

    By bigness
    Apr 11, '05 9:30 AM EST

    oh, by the way, the monstrous bastard

    AKA the rendering machine

    AKA the ugly beast that lives under the desk

    AKA shut that fucking thing down i cant sleep the fans are too noisy (that's my girlfriend)

    AKA my self built (as in i have built it, it did not build itself)

    is up and running. and suddenly, just because i can use rhino, blobchitecture seems so cool...

    the planes are folding, the blobs are merging, the sun is shining but i dont care.

    hail to the beast:


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      are you happy with her/him/it?? specs please........

      Apr 11, 05 9:50 am  · 

      amd athlon 64 bit 3000
      nvidia fx5900 256md graphics card
      1 gb ram
      160gd stat drive
      asus a8v delux motherboard

      its good, a bit slower than i expeted on the graphics card side, but it's a gamer's card i got for cheap.

      happy with it? its like an uggggggly woman that knows how to please a men, you wouldn't tell your friends about her...after 5 years of appledom!

      Apr 11, 05 11:49 am  · 


      more and more i am convinced this tis the way to go. you could probably get 3 of these for the cost of one of those sexy apples.

      Apr 11, 05 12:41 pm  · 

      more or less, yes, that's a correct estimate.

      but there are other things that you need a mac for, mainly when it comes to travelling (i can download anything from any camera/storage device without the drivers, i can print on any printer without the installer, i can use any wireless network, i can rip copy protected cd.s...) that means i would never give up my powerbook for just a pc.

      get a cheap ibook and build your own desktop pc.

      Apr 11, 05 1:02 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      ceccanti - there are pcs that can do that! Light ones too!
      But i get your point - cool machine, dont fall for the blogs they only leave you in a pile of rubble when a nicer one comes along

      Apr 11, 05 2:34 pm  · 

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