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    [045] so much to do

    By bigness
    May 20, '05 7:45 AM EST

    i've just come out of my final presentation, very heavy.
    everybody was nice, the criticism was great, by my work just did not cut it. i set myself a huge task, a task to be accomplished with skills that i did not have yet, and the learning curve was too steep.

    my prototype failed to engage with its contest, and there were ideas that i could have easily developed which just did not come up. all of this was mixed with the lack of specific drawings illustrating the final product.

    time was wasted learning new skills, trying to figure out stuff or just, you know, wasting time.

    result: i just did not complete the task as i should have. i do not feel like i have let myself down actually, but rather happy (in a strange way) that i have a task ahead of me.

    the idea is there, and so is the potential. now is just a matter of learning the skills which are still missing (technical, analitical, architectural) and completing the task.

    i will try to do as much as possible in the 9 days left, but this is a job which will take most of the summer.
    university is about learning right?

    still, being shred to pieces kinda hurts!



    • MADianito

      Richard personal opinion....

      i found myself also sometimes disapointed at the end of my work, and also everyone else seems to love it and get good reviews(critics, but yes ur right sometimes we r not satisfied or we realize we still dont have enough tools to develop the project at the level we any case i think is esencially there where the process of learning really lives.... knowing this "limits" or "limitations" of us is what help us all day to keep improving and push it harder everytime we can....

      congrats, would be nice to see what u had at the end... bests... good luck at Sonar... just wherever u park the trailer, dont move it in the whole period of days u will stay here, cause u wont find a larger parking space again...hehehehe

      May 20, 05 10:59 am  · 

      It seems as if you have a great perspective on the situation....I mean, at least you can see where you were lacking and you realize that you have a lot of learning to do still. As I'm sure we all do....

      What's the 9 days? Final show?

      May 20, 05 5:14 pm  · 

      Riccardo, you are your own best/worst critic. I'm sure finishing the semester feels bitter sweet, but that's only because you set yourself goals you didn't reach (time, time, time, the dreaded fourth dimension). I commend you for realizing that, and knowing where to go from there. That is no easy feat my friend!

      May 21, 05 2:02 pm  · 


      May 27, 05 8:05 pm  · 

      its only architecture

      May 27, 05 8:05 pm  · 

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