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    [013] Post review

    By bigness
    Oct 29, '04 6:36 AM EST

    First interim review for our "prototypes".
    Pinned up first on the left, which meant i was first to go. The research took longer than i expected, so i came up with a particularly rushed presentation, but the ammount of information and the foundamentally good idea (eh) made for a pretty good review.

    shitty image 1: the speaker itself

    The idea involved using the london bus wireless network to broadcast radio programs with user-targeted content to bust stops. the whole system would be set up,
    run and produced by the local technology college.

    shitty image 2: the network

    This way i would manage to tie up a comunity within the local comunity (the school) the local comunity itself, and a larger entity (london buses) connected to a much wider one (the central government and its Transport For London organization), giving me 3 (well almost four) operational fields in one go. sweet.

    shitty image 3: the network at work

    The level of work was all-round good, although the whole thing lasted about 5 hours, and i sort of drifted off at times. people went to great lenghts to talk with the locals and spend time on location, even given the not exactly welcoming nature of the area.
    a few pics from the review itself:

    the review area, tim acting normal in the foreground

    (l to r) Raoul and Josh looking at yours truly's work

    cathrin presenting her work (her surname is beermann, no kidding)

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