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    [103] my life in rain state

    By bigness
    Oct 21, '05 1:54 PM EST

    first two weeks of studying done, two presentations in two weeks, good average i would say.
    the unit runs at full steam, we're allocated 20 minutes slot to present and discuss, the idea being that each week we should have some stage of finalized work. this helps for the portfolio obviously, but also keeps us on our toes.
    the usual useless work image is displiyed below


    i've been watching way too much scrubs's funny the way all the 5th year students are developing their own ways of taking time off...some people watch tv series, others go to the gym, others (my housemate) bake cookies (yes, it's good!). it almost seems like we live life with two gears: studying, doing something else (one of the above). nothing else. just that, work and then let your brain cool down, so you can work again. i guess it's just normal, but it's a strange sensation when you take a snapshot of your average week and look at it.

    saw a lecture by FOA on wed, with a discussion between them, rem and charles jencks. it felt lik that time i went to see nofx and rancid play the same bill. only this time it didn't involve dancing in 2 inches of water and piss from the overflowing portaloos.

    FOA's work is always great, they are just developing this way of presenting it as if they were taliking to corporate clients...strange really. rem obviously didn't miss to comment on that, and it was hilarious to see a room full of people complimenting FOA and only one guy criticising them. anyway, he does have an impressive presence, i have to say i was almost star-struck.

    this weekend will be spent with my new best friend, the 3d studio max bible. we've known eachother for a while now, but it's only been recently that we've started hanging out more. there's romance in the air.

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