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    [030] rage

    By bigness
    Mar 6, '05 3:44 PM EST

    ok, let me set this straight, i'm pissed off and i need an outlet.

    we've been praparing a presentation for our celebration week (the met's equivalent to the open juries at the AA) (yeah, i know) for a month now.

    It's the main reason I haven't been posting, as it mainly means reformatting the old project.

    BUT half of my group cannot get their act together.

    it's beyond belief.

    "i couldn't open the file"

    "can you reformat it for me?"

    "can you change the colour scheme?"

    "i don't have the software"

    for a month!


    I know this is probaly old stale complaining, but what the hell, aren't people that have been doing this stuff for at least 4 years be at least able to handle, i don't know, simple plain good old english instructions?

    so, because i can't shout at them, then at least i can shout on the net, where no one can hear you...

    sorry, it's just that i hate group work.

    so, to K, M, Y, J, Y and a few others i can't remeber, go screw yourselves.


    • vado retro

      why cant you shout at them? group work? get used to it now.

      Mar 6, 05 5:48 pm  · 
      Christopher Daniel

      Architecture is a team discipline. At any scale of work, you have to be able to collaborate with others. Unless you plan to design and build the entire project yourself, of course.

      No group work. No building.

      Now take a deep breath and think happy thoughts!

      By the way, which unit are you in? Who're your tutors?

      Mar 6, 05 8:50 pm  · 

      Count to 10

      if you can make it to 5 before you head down to brixton to purchase a firearm you are doing well!

      Mar 7, 05 5:53 am  · 

      you have two people in your unit whos names begin with Y

      thats quite unusual?

      Mar 7, 05 5:54 am  · 

      vade retro and chris daniel...i know, but people in the group are usually committed professionals, not a bunch of slackers...

      chriss: year 4, unit8, raul bunschoten

      JB: mailorder ak47, when you really, absolutelly, totally need to take every fucker in the room. Most of them are asian, that's why the y.

      Mar 7, 05 7:46 am  · 


      I have the ak47 T:Shirt!

      are you actually getting hands on teaching from raul? Or is it CHORA people?

      Its very difficult w group work. Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns and do it ALL yourself. But make sure you make it clear that none of the slackers did anything or that you had to hold their hands on the way.

      Sometimes shit hits the fan and its nobody's fault though.

      Take a step back: Go across the road to the pub "the bailey?", play a game of pool have a few drinks and eat some tom yum soup. If that doesnt work, get on the victoria line and "rock down to electric avenue"

      Mar 7, 05 8:07 am  · 

      Hey jb, i sense some local knowledge...

      Yes, we are getting to see raul every week, incredibly as we thought he was going to be super busy, but he always manages to see us for an entire afternoon a week.It is really god, i have to admit, as he has an amazing knowledge of "alternative" architecture.

      It was hilarious, everybody showed up with their work yesterday, and i had to assemble the thing on the spot while raul was talking...slave labour is all the rage.

      Oh, and the bailey is slowly turning into a lounge bar, gone are the usual pub decorations, in favour of large arty pictures of holloway road printed on mdf, gone are the pool tables in favour of large leather sofas, and gone are the local football fans in favour of more architectural students! the kickass thai is still there.

      Mar 8, 05 7:53 am  · 


      yes indeed one of the original locals: Pre Merger infact: 1999-2000

      But only for one year and a bit as a couple of weeks into my final year I learnt that I had been properly fucked over by my Dip 1 tutor (Nat Chard) [Now someone in scandinavia]

      Long story, but at this point the bitterness/anger has turned into life long loathing and dreams of assasination!

      But thats the past.

      I think its great you actually get hands on rather than name lending.

      Shame about the bailey pool tables:

      Does winston still work behind the bar?

      Mar 8, 05 8:54 am  · 

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