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    [018] stitches

    By bigness
    Nov 19, '04 6:28 AM EST

    hi y'all,

    just a quick one, while most of the computer room is taken over by a buch on ladiiies suddenly very interested in the wonders of Vectorworks (chances are because the guy running the tutorial is goodlooking).

    A quick list of the things done:

    -almost completely worked out the radio structure, how the imput system will work, who will be the contributors, how the thing will work.

    -understood the geometry behing limited area reflecting surfaces (LARS, in ode to teh Rancid singer) (i made this name up, but we might be on the verge of an acoustic science breakthrough, possibly).

    -decided (oh well, forced to decide) that instead of redesigning the bus shelter, i will try and integrate teh speaker system within the existing structure.

    and now the things to do:

    -go all graphicky designy and organize all the research, the diagrams and the maps in a suitable, goodlooking format. almost as goodlooking as the vectorworks guy, i hope.

    -start putting together the actual speaker (does anybody have a pair of electrostatic fabric speakers laying around at home?)

    -get a proper desk (been working on my bed so far, much to the joy of my knees and back)

    -find a doctor surgery to have the two stitches removed from my knee

    the last one is the result of a short trip to the local mountain resort near my home town of Bologna, Italy. I managed to stop after a pretty good frontside air, and land with my knee on a ridiculously sharp stone that was just under the snow. end of the day, we still managed to get drunk and eat like pigs, mind you.

    I have to say that as time passes, despite the reserves i have toward the method, i increasingly enjoy the tutorials with Joshua Bulchover. A no-bullshit approach, clear explenations and a pretty good attitude. I guess he is just less dogmatic than Raoul Bunschoten. if only they talked a bit more and avoided pointing people in one direction on Mondays (raoul) and then in another on Thursdays (Josh). Oh well, we've all been there.


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    • kname2

      what did you mean by electrostatic fabric speakers?

      Jul 3, 07 2:12 pm  · 

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