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    [102] photo blog

    By bigness
    Oct 11, '05 10:20 AM EST

    a few pics from a recent visit to the siza/souto de moura serpentine pavillion. which, is by the way, per's idea made flesh (well, gluelam).
    the strange thing about it is that it is quite's almost like the office got a copy of CATIA off the net and started going crazy with it. parametrc design...wuohoooo! no standardization, which is not a good point for a temporary structure, and a space which is not that interesting at all...well, my personal opinion.
    which kinda links us to this. it's the liebskind building in london. why? i don't know. but i noticed that if you stand next to it on a hot day, the air is about 3 degrees warmer.

    The unit is marching full steam, we had our first digital design workshop yesterday by steve hardy of started out as a rhino overview, and it's then going to develop into advanced modelling in both rhino and 3ds, scripting for animation/simulation and animation. altogether, between the university-run workshops and the unit-run ones, there are about 6 hours of digital techniques. good.
    my pc is on its way back from italy, where i had it for the summer (without being able to use it, because some motherfucker at the postoffice decided to shop for components), so i can do some catching up.

    the first part of the project is about research into natural phenomena and extreme weather conditions. we should then select one situation and design a shelter for it.
    anyway, loads of reading to do, not much time left to thursday, when we should present our research and some ideas about the shelter.

    man,this is a boring post.
    a bit of ufo porn


    • Darren Hodgson

      Damn you, I was going to post some images of the pavilion as well in my blog. You beat me to it. Did you spot the wonderful lighting detail in the form of a torch and some black gaffer tape?

      Oct 11, 05 11:25 am  · 

      no, i didn't! post the image!

      Oct 11, 05 11:36 am  · 

      at first glance I thought that was a rendering by Per. geez...

      Oct 11, 05 11:57 am  · 

      so those were your computer bits i bought off the street in italy this summer?

      any good lectures comming up?


      Oct 12, 05 4:58 pm  · 

      funnily enough, it looks like the stuff was stolen in the uk...appearing in the back of a van near you.

      there's a lecture tomorrow night at the met about some woman doing installations about the www...sounds so so.

      next wed, RIBA, FOA speaking! we'll be down at the front with banners and official merchandising! foa official fan club! yeah!

      Oct 12, 05 5:36 pm  · 

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