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    [108] rapid protyping/2 and some updates

    By bigness
    Dec 6, '05 4:58 AM EST

    this is how it wentimage
    Basically after the styrofoam model was finished, i casted in clay, and after some material testing i decided to go for fiberglass. my throat has just recovered from the fumes. high times.

    The initial part of the project is coming to a close, we'll be presenting the research and the improvement to our shelter/material systems.

    5ft years are also presenting their briefs for the next part of the project (which will be our thesis project). As far as I am concearned the site will be in Lapland, possibly around the Kiruna area. It's a site with incredible environmental/topographic issues to be addressed, and it's also a european development area in need for social and economic improvemnt.

    I have become increasingly interested with the specialized industry of winter testing, mainly for the car industry, most of which is based in the north provinces of sweden. It would be interesting to see how Achitecture can accomodate the need of engineering/scientific processes, and also how the external weather can be used for indoor testing. The fact that Hadid's bmw plant is one of the sexiest buildings ever designed and that i am a complete petrol head has obviously no bearing on the brief.

    a few links if you feel like you should know more about this stuff:

    I've spent the morning bothering people with emails asking for informations, so if you know anything about it, live in sweden or drive a volvo (!), I would like to hear from you :)

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