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    [039] sneak preview

    By bigness
    Apr 15, '05 11:20 AM EST

    i just realised that if i had an internet connection at home i would be posting everyday.

    it's probably a good thing that i don't have one, then.

    a sneak preview...
    don't you love programmatic diagrams?


    • fourteensquarefeet

      damn son. next time take a screen shot.
      (shift + control + command + 4 and then paste it where you want)

      Apr 16, 05 3:24 am  · 

      too much definition on a screen shot, you'd be steeling our ideas in no time...

      Apr 16, 05 6:06 am  · 

      u serious 'bout the "stealing ideas?!" thing?

      hope not, otherwise--
      man, you're so fucking full of yourself, just like on the rest of your self-centred, "oh! yes! i study architecture!" blog.
      go die!

      Apr 16, 05 4:28 pm  · 
      Darren Hodgson

      obviously someone just a tiny bit annoyed that he got turned down in his blog appliaction...

      Apr 16, 05 5:12 pm  · 

      such a smart prick, arent u darren :)

      Apr 16, 05 5:42 pm  · 
      Darren Hodgson

      nope, just don't like arrogant people who feel its their right to come down on people who enjoy doing what they do...

      Apr 17, 05 5:27 am  · 

      and i dont like pseudo-elitist but actually quite vacant people who uncritically think they've reinvented the wheel, having gone "where no man has gone before".

      but then, i apologize for my insulting tone- i could've argumented along more, err, constructive lanes.

      still, what's this megalomania all about? it's my opinion that a more or less humble evaluation of one's own work is adequate, otherwise one starts sounding like a self-loving tard unaware of other points of view that might be implicit in one's work but not having come to terms with them.

      the "u'd be stealing bla" thing is offensive. our disipline lives on constructive criticism and sharing of ideas- in fact it's arrogant not to acknowledge the worth of other people's input.

      Apr 17, 05 10:58 am  · 
      Darren Hodgson

      Apology accepted...

      I totally agree with your point about the discipline thriving in the exchange in ideas, I know for sure that myself and the two other part timers I go to uni with, wouldn't work as well if we didn't exchange views and ideas.

      I think that Architecture is based on utilising ideas, everybody in the industry takes insiration from other buildings and things they have seen. I don't think that anybody's ideas are 'new'.

      I'm sure there are a few people who think they are gods gift and don't like to show anyone anything. But I don't think it is widespread.

      Anyway, lets all be nice to one another... the world would be a much nicer place

      Apr 17, 05 12:18 pm  · 

      noci, see, i don't check this thing at weekends...and yes, it was a joke, and even if it wasnt (who gives a fuck if you steal my tutors ideas) you should really go out and get a life instead of getting pissed off at little combinations of pixels on your screen, arranged by someone you don't even know.

      the level s of frustration in this community are sky high!

      Apr 17, 05 2:52 pm  · 

      my level of frustration with a lot of members of this community is sky high.

      .. and thanks for your concern about my life. i promise ill go out more often... ;)

      Apr 17, 05 5:16 pm  · 

      don't frustrate, go create!

      (you can use this slogan for free, it's open source!)

      Apr 18, 05 9:25 am  · 

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