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    [107] dritsas lecture

    By bigness
    Nov 25, '05 7:17 PM EST

    usually, thursday night lectures at the met are an easy going, packed, minimalist-and/or-rammed-earth-touchy-feely-lick-the-stone-affairs.
    drinks and canape's are on offer, and you've usually underslept, half drunk and really looking foward to the pub and the thai food across the road.

    Obviously, this time around it was going to be different. The little enclave that is unit 4/UFO gathered with a few others to watch a lecture byStylianos Dritsas, former MIT student, and collaborator on a number of decoi projects.
    The lecture was in eresting, even though it was incredibly hard to follow. It presented dritsas' work toward the rationalization and prototypying of computer generated form. Scripting "translators" and creating applications is a job that involves in depth knowledge of euclidean geometry and mathematical analisys.

    It is a specialized job, and it got me wondering how that is going to impact the profession. If new manufacturing techniques will have the predicted impact, then dritsas work will become vital. But at the moment it is a highly skilled task, almost a profession in its own right, and it will be interesting to see if it will become a separate branch of Architectural education, or it will simply become another skill we have to learn.

    Today i made some more resin casts (pictures with the next post, all you rapid prototyiping fans!), and got so high on the fumes, i decided to tidy up the studio space. we'll see if my efforts are appreciated on thursday.


    • Awesome! Hey Stelios!

      Nov 25, 05 10:54 pm  · 

      apparently he's working in london now

      Nov 26, 05 8:06 am  · 
      job job

      he's at kpf london -
      really operating at top level with vb, and inspires me no end. what's very cool is that he's open with his development

      _other_ is in a league of his own with the MEL'ing - s'no lie

      AND he has the largest 3dprinter and 11-axis (like 10 only higher) mill the size of a zeppelin barn, and uses all 3d software known to the fabrication world*

      * that's right - 11 axis mill - i seen 'em (crazy googly-eye, buck-tooth look)!!

      Nov 26, 05 10:54 am  · 

      hey javier! i just found this out... where have you been...

      Dec 23, 05 4:39 pm  · 

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