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    [109] allnighter mouse

    By bigness
    Dec 8, '05 11:52 PM EST


    • b3tadine[sutures]


      Dec 9, 05 7:39 am  · 


      makes me remember that the composer schumann wanted to extend his one-hand reach on the piano keyboard and tried to cut between his fingers to make the hand spread farther. crippled his hand, of course. would this be the architectural equivalent: mouse=keyboard? don't do it!

      Dec 9, 05 8:34 am  · 

      yesterday night i was talking to a colleague, reasoning on the fact that as an Architecture student, sleep deprivation really becomes a routine. this picture came at the end of a week with an average of 4 hours per night and two presentations...

      Don't worry steven, i ain't gonna go into body modification just yet...although rhino shortcuts tatooed on my forearm would come in handy, and look kinda cool...:)

      Dec 10, 05 1:24 am  · 
      Oliver Bayliss

      you can enter him into robot wars.....dangermouse!?

      Dec 11, 05 5:46 am  · 

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