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    [003] Ready, Steady...NO NO NO, WAIT!

    By bigness
    Sep 10, '04 10:39 AM EST

    the units are out!
    today i was greated by the online versions of the rationales to the 9 studios (8+the free studio) for this year.

    (I guess) the participants to the units are decided on an portfolio-based interview, and numbers are limited, which means it is about fuckin' time i stop procrastinating work on the portfolio.

    The range is quite wide, going from designing at a relatively small scale, to large AND small, to masterplanning of new areas to revamping of exhisting ones...

    top of my list has to be unit 1, the concept of room applyed to different scales is very interesting and i have always been intrigued by how urban and architectural design can share terms and techniques. but i expect tough competition given the fact that it is run by Florian Beigel and Philip Chritou of the Arch. Research Unit, FB being the closest thing we have to a starchitect at the met, so i expect many people to apply just for that.

    unit 2 is also rather interesting, given the chance to design for the first time in a place where i lived for about 6 yers when i was a kid.

    unit 4 is the most avantguard-orientated one, and yet for all my ramblings about Schumacher i don't feel that compelled toward it...

    The timetable is also out, 1.5 full days of lectures (9h tot) and 2 full afternoons (8 hours tot) of tutorial time in the studios, plus the occasional guest lectures, which sums up tp 2.5 days in total, which aint that bad, since it can accomodate a lot of personal reseach and possibly a few hours work down the local gas station.

    on less uni related ramblings, the struggle continues to find a decent shack in london town, my contacts over there are not helping by offering flats in kennington (15 tubes stops away, geee, thanks) and i am almost starting to miss my housing project loft with the ex-architect landlord...
    look at the trendy yet intellectual yet relaxed atmosfere!


    • terri_p

      I like how you have been updating yours unlike some of the others.

      I am also starting the diploma at London Met this year. I just checked the site and saw the do you know that we get to pick based on portfolio review? I haven't had ANY information from London Met...god, does that mean i have to find my portfolio....

      Sep 10, 04 1:13 pm  · 

      don t actually know for sure, it seems to be the norm with k schools, so i thought you should always cater for the worst...

      more on email.

      Sep 11, 04 7:27 am  · 

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