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    [028] the waiting game

    By bigness
    Feb 20, '05 9:13 AM EST

    Hi folks!
    sorry for not posting anything for a while, but after the
    last project was finished we all has to rush back to our desks to complete all the other course requirements (technology, advocacy etc) that were left behind.

    are we all too busy?

    or is it just bad time management?

    Anyway, we received the feedback from the final review (with external critics including guys from UFO). As far as i am concearned, i think the feedback suggested a deeper analysis of the actuall effects of the installation on public space. But i get the feeling the project has pretty much run its course. The fact that the method was being used by the students for the first time, and that the tutors were trying to adapt it from being employed in a masters course to being used in diploma but a certain strain on the procedures.

    The next project will b e on a much larger scale, based on a large area of land along the river thames as it runs outside the city to the east. The area is close to the proposed development for the olympic village.

    We'll be trowing beans. on monday and beginning the site analysis.

    On other university-related news, i have been picked for my first choice for the theory modules, Cinema and the City. The title its pretty self explenatory, an analysis of cinematic instruments to view and represent the city. The tutor finished his presentation by showing us an extract from Ghost in the Shell, and i was pretty much hooked.

    The presentations of the various choices were held on wednesday, and as for the units, we were then required to list our three preferences. I guess this method reflect the school much publicised PC attitude...i leave you to ponder on the appropriateness of this.

    I missed a fantastic lecture (as most of the lectures i miss surely are) by aaron bertsky at the RCA on tuesday. The reason: we were late. The alternative: drinks at the ICA with people making apparently more money than we ever will. And they were still out drinking ona a tuesday night! admirable.

    I am going to scout around for a pc this week, as the 3d studio max- and rhino- pressures are mounting.


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