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    [042]resuming work

    By bigness
    Apr 27, '05 10:10 AM EST

    Finally the secret competition has been secretly mailed to the secret location in secret fashion, so after disposing of our trenchcoats amd hats we were able to return to work on our funny little schemes.

    As the end of year approaches, my metabolism is setting itself up for sleepless nights, and so i keep on staying awakwe till early morning. It's almost a natural porcess, possibly the result of generations of architectural body modification. amazing.

    Yesterday night i finished work and started tidying up the room ( a bit of a fetish of mine, it helps me unwind) and so i took some random shots to make this blog less boring, if not more graphically appealing.

    Tomorrow night everybody around the london area should come and check the opening of the"Can buildings Curate" exhibition at the AA, it's gonna be a bash! (your drunken picture in the next issue on Icon is not included in the price).

    See you there!

    the desk, with the bastard on the left and the little one hiding behind the monitor, 'cause the bastard scares him
    imagethe work is coming along slowly but nicely...programmatic analysis of form, in case you wondered.
    imagewhen your tutor writes a book you have to read it. when the book it's 500 pages of a4, it's good fun...
    imagetime to sleep.

    One last thing: may I suggest you all buy a copy of Phanerothyme by Motorpsycho?
    One of the best albums. Ever.


    • AP

      check out Matisyahu, if orthodox jews stage-diving and singing reggae is your thing...

      Apr 27, 05 10:56 am  · 

      eheh, then can i suggest Norma Jean, Christian metalcore band from new jersey?:)

      the title is actually a reference entheogens and the use of psychedelic drugs to explore religious/philosophical themes. Check Aldous Huxley out my friend!

      Apr 27, 05 11:04 am  · 

      a leggere il tuo blog ho scoperto il tuo lato archi-comico, che non e' niente male... sei sempre pieno di sorprese.
      1 mega abbraccio e a vederci prestisssssssssimo!
      (posted from Zagonara City)

      PS: for those who can't understand the meaning of my comment, sorry guys it's all part of the secret plan...

      May 6, 05 8:41 am  · 

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