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    mood gifboard

    By Sir Batshit Crazy
    Jan 20, '18 9:04 PM EST

    A mood board is that surface you drop a whole bunch of images and materials on that essentially give the feel and description of what you're designing. A collage of sorts.

    The old school way was to put stuff on a foam core board and schlepp it around to client meetings, etc...

    Then came Pinterest.  There are actual apps meant to create the mood board digitally such as Morpholio.

    Recently I have been playing around with GIFs and realized, a GIF can be a different type of mood board.  The mood is images over time, but the affect in essence is the same, or at least in theory.  Below is my stab at making a Brutalist Concrete Interior Sexy with a White Shag couch...Cheery Brutalism is coming back!

    Let's try this with a  real project, something a little more serious that would actually end up on a mood board (granted above could - and that client would be awesome!)

    So here is a test  mood gifboard of a real project -

    Would appreciate input from the experts?

    Should it be slower? 

    Did you get a feel for the bathroom?

    Is it the equivalent of a real mood board?


    - Postitive Pete


    • Slower and more spatial. The elements were too disparate. 

      I may steal this for other applications. I'll keep you posted.

      Jan 21, 18 12:52 pm
      Sir Batshit Crazy

      Have at it. I think it would be cool if someone made this work.


      What's the building in the first one? Love those rounded corners, feels like you're inside a train!

      I think a mood gif could really work, the top one works best I think because there's one still background, or at least the size of the background could be the same with each change. Otherwise you have a change of background size and a change of front image, two changes with one "slide" 's a bit much perhaps. But I like the application of a gif. My GF once sent a .gif as her application for a job and it really worked...

      Jan 22, 18 3:33 am
      Sir Batshit Crazy

      Nice on the application gid. Makes sense on the one background image and that would answer Marc's request to make it more spatial.

      Sir Batshit Crazy

      the image I found on the web and it appears to be from Simon Phipps Finding Brutalism


      Thanks, will check it out.


      Def slower, but I like it. And I recognize a bunch of that stuff! Add a little music too?

      Jan 22, 18 12:06 pm
      Sir Batshit Crazy

      No music,changes the mood too much and may not be the mood client wants.


      Some architect once told me architecture is a performance piece...

      Jan 22, 18 1:22 pm
      Non Sequitur

      Why such deep joints in the shower tiles? That just seems like unnecessary maintenance. Also, more abominable snowman. 

      Jan 22, 18 1:50 pm
      Sir Batshit Crazy

      But would thr abominable snowman sit on a shag couch?

      more fodder

      Jan 22, 18 6:07 pm
      Sir Batshit Crazy

      Thank you Marc. Yes and no. The slow pan is what i think my quick test needs. It is to far developed towards the spectrum of animation video but cut back just enough to be a mood board video. Thr gifboard is less developed, more basic but one step more advanced then a real mood board, thats my guess.

      Agreed. I was thinking more about the space that are suggested. The two techniques could pair nicely

      Sir Batshit Crazy

      It illicits what i need to do though. A good critique and fodder.


      A friend of mine, an architect of course because I have no other friends, made a drawing and recorded himself doing it and sped it up. It was great and made me think of this. Imagine showing a client a time-lapse video of their project's creation. Some would love it, especially if a hand drawn rendering. 

      Jan 24, 18 10:12 am
      Sir Batshit Crazy

      Awesome idear.

      I had forgotten about these. I made them in the summer, juxtaposing cakewalks over Serlio's drawings for stage sets.



      Jan 26, 18 11:39 am
      Sir Batshit Crazy

      nice work Marc! love the juxtapositions, so what are this called? (technically)

      Sir Batshit Crazy

      nice work Marc! love the juxtapositions, so what are this called? (technically)

      technically? I never gave them a name. They're "just" agitations.

      Sir Batshit Crazy

      gifitations? agigifs?


      Finally Serlio's drawings put to good use.


      Sir Batshit Crazy

      that's it. sounds like "justagif" when indeed it is much more because its a JUXTAGIF.


      Sir Batshit Crazy

      saw this on the twitter today, hit screenshot and the fortune teller will tell you what it means...kind of the liked the idea.

      random moment of screenshot based on prophecy images will predict your future.


      Feb 3, 18 12:54 am

      this is not justagif... nice find

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