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    mood gifboard

    By I am a liberal
    Jan 20, '18 9:04 PM EST

    A mood board is that surface you drop a whole bunch of images and materials on that essentially give the feel and description of what you're designing. A collage of sorts.

    The old school way was to put stuff on a foam core board and schlepp it around to client meetings, etc...

    Then came Pinterest.  There are actual apps meant to create the mood board digitally such as Morpholio.

    Recently I have been playing around with GIFs and realized, a GIF can be a different type of mood board.  The mood is images over time, but the affect in essence is the same, or at least in theory.  Below is my stab at making a Brutalist Concrete Interior Sexy with a White Shag couch...Cheery Brutalism is coming back!

    Let's try this with a  real project, something a little more serious that would actually end up on a mood board (granted above could - and that client would be awesome!)

    So here is a test  mood gifboard of a real project -

    Would appreciate input from the experts?

    Should it be slower? 

    Did you get a feel for the bathroom?

    Is it the equivalent of a real mood board?


    - Postitive Pete


    • Slower and more spatial. The elements were too disparate. 

      I may steal this for other applications. I'll keep you posted.

      Jan 21, 18 12:52 pm  · 

      What's the building in the first one? Love those rounded corners, feels like you're inside a train!

      I think a mood gif could really work, the top one works best I think because there's one still background, or at least the size of the background could be the same with each change. Otherwise you have a change of background size and a change of front image, two changes with one "slide" 's a bit much perhaps. But I like the application of a gif. My GF once sent a .gif as her application for a job and it really worked...

      Jan 22, 18 3:33 am  · 

      Thanks, will check it out.

      Jan 25, 18 9:14 am  · 

      Def slower, but I like it. And I recognize a bunch of that stuff! Add a little music too?

      Jan 22, 18 12:06 pm  · 

      Some architect once told me architecture is a performance piece...

      Jan 22, 18 1:22 pm  · 
      Non Sequitur

      Why such deep joints in the shower tiles? That just seems like unnecessary maintenance. Also, more abominable snowman. 

      Jan 22, 18 1:50 pm  · 

      more fodder

      Jan 22, 18 6:07 pm  · 

      Agreed. I was thinking more about the space that are suggested. The two techniques could pair nicely

      Jan 22, 18 8:01 pm  · 

      A friend of mine, an architect of course because I have no other friends, made a drawing and recorded himself doing it and sped it up. It was great and made me think of this. Imagine showing a client a time-lapse video of their project's creation. Some would love it, especially if a hand drawn rendering. 

      Jan 24, 18 10:12 am  · 

      I had forgotten about these. I made them in the summer, juxtaposing cakewalks over Serlio's drawings for stage sets.



      Jan 26, 18 11:39 am  · 

      technically? I never gave them a name. They're "just" agitations.

      Jan 27, 18 11:43 am  · 

      Finally Serlio's drawings put to good use.

      Jan 28, 18 5:44 am  · 


      Jan 28, 18 1:35 pm  · 


      Jan 28, 18 7:20 pm  · 

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