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    Dream – 2017.12.29.am_0400

    By I am a liberal
    Dec 30, '17 12:21 AM EST

    [scene 1]

    Escaping the post-apocalyptic city outside you arrive inside the architecture school.   Over the loud speakers the course ‘Sharing the City’ is described.   Most desks are empty except one corner section of the building.  This corner is crowded with students on the floor, on the desks, hanging from the ceilings, all wearing headphones, working on game pads and cutting away with x-acto knives. 

    [scene 2]

    The game pads are currently syncing with the school’s loud speakers.  Moving across the screen is a graph indicating the types of people that either possess the city or share the city.

    [scene 3]

    Those in red possess the city and those in turquoise share the city.   

    [all images original, occurring in dream state, use freely]

    [this was a real dream,memory recall to determine the dream's origins, see below]

    scene 1 - landscape + 
    this album cover (strange how the brain works, the landscape is actually two (2) albums by same musician, distorted and merged)

    scene 1 - pass code

    scene 1 - sharing the city

    scene 2 - game pad

    scene 3 - the brain/human head

    scene 3 - color yellow

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