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    materials at microscopic levels 1.01-1.10

    By I am a liberal
    Apr 8, '17 4:59 PM EST


    • Name of Material
    • Photos of Material at Human Vision Scale
    • Photos at 10x to 50x magnification (with a microscope of course)


    1.01 Brick (cut side)

    [10x to 50x gif]

    1.02 Brick (clean side)

    [10x to 50x gif]

    1.03 Bluestone

    [10x - 50x]

    1.04 Bluestone (brownish patina)

    [10x to 50x gif]

    1.05 Carrara Marble

    [10x - 50x gif]

    1.06 Quartztile Blue (honed side)

    [10x - 50x gif]

    1.06 Quartztile Blue (cut side)

    [10x - 50x gif]

    1.08 Quartztile Azul Macaubas

    [10x - 50x gif]

    1.09 Greenish Onyx

    [10x - 50x gif]

    1.10 Granite

    [10x scan]

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