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    Motherboard, new jersey

    By I am a liberal
    Mar 5, '17 7:19 PM EST

    this entire post was inspired by - A City Is Not a Computer  and a wall in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, covered with circuit boards painted white - Daniel Gonçalves

    "Instead of more gratuitous parametric modeling, we need to think about urban epistemologies that embrace memory and history; that recognize spatial intelligence as sensory and experiential; that consider other species’ ways of knowing; that appreciate the wisdom of local crowds and communities; that acknowledge the information embedded in the city’s facades, flora, statuary, and stairways; that aim to integrate forms of distributed cognition paralleling our brains’ own distributed cognitive processes." link

    all images by Camera and Photoshop, use freely ;)

    [mandatory listening for this blog post - Clutch - Spacegrass ]

    motherboard, new jersey


    • The problem in Motherboard is that land use and zoning plans never had a beneficial impact because they incorporated far too late. Sure, walkability to the city center was not an issue, but 30 minute walk to the power plant for work isn't all that. 

      Mar 6, 17 8:49 am  · 

      Cooling towers? I'm a huge fan.

      Mar 8, 17 11:57 am  · 

      Nice clay renders, what settings you using ;)

      Mar 10, 17 12:38 pm  · 

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