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    Motherboard, NJ - Prelude: The Waste Land of Circuit Boards

    By I am a liberal
    Mar 18, '17 12:12 PM EST

    math is the cruelest for finding meaning.
    all of reality adding up to numbers,
    and all the numbers adding up to nothing meaningful.

    [Shannon–Hartley theorem/rendering of Parthenon]

    the proportions always made us architects feel good.
    the golden ratio and the fibonaccci sequence.
    meaningless symbols and their relationships,
    somehow justify the already meaningful.

    we’re going to concede one day that a string of data is the meaning of life,
    and as you read that string of data you will find no meaning.

    [renderings above of circuit floor boards and interior wall removed in Parthenon]

    [the conduits/wires  to the circuits to enter the new Veldt]


    The Veldt - Ray Bradbury

    The Veldt - deadmau5


    How much data does a Doric Column transfer?



    Renderings by Math, use freely

    Doric Column drawings from "The Classical Orders of Architecture" by Robert Chitham

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