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    Tron Motherboard Gonzo Notes 3.1459265359 - The Story of the Pool

    By I am a liberal
    Feb 11, '18 8:16 PM EST

    The Story of the Pool (1977) is a short text by Rem Koolhaas, often found at the end of Delirious New York also by Rem Koolhaas.  Go get a copy and read it. 

    In case you don’t have that kind of attention span, try an animation interpretation shown below by Heidi Arad (architect).

    [Threadkilla provided a jump off image for this blog post.]

    What is the theory here?  Constructivist filtered through deconstruction becomes the waste land as it enters motherboard architecture with Mies van der Rohe’s Neukunst Museum as the processor and He-Man and Skeletor doing all the labor on the ground.  This all occurs on Mars, naturally.

    No drugs involved just some Reading Rainbow!

    You kids should try it, reading, it’s some seriously laced shite - like vocabulary expansion bruh!  

    On the ground reporting by our very own Olaf Design Ninja:

    “Guyz, so vhy cast members and not employees of zee Tron Motherboard theme park?” – Olaf

    “All the worlds a stage, Bill said that.” – some suburban kid from Colorado in a He-Man costume earning $10/hr, we’re guessing was homecoming king once and hooks up with MILFs at the gym.

    “William Shakespeare actually said that, I mean technically, if you want to be accurate….mmm...errrrr” – some kid from North Jersey in a Skeletor costume.

    “So how did you kids get the Rem Koolhaas floating pool of Russians into the Wexner Center grid axis?” – Olaf

    “Bruh, look at these guns! The Wexner Center is like a modern Castle Greyskull with some deconstructionist shit going on like grid like.” – He-Man Bruh

    “There were lots of pullies.  I did an algorithm in Grasshopper, put two by fours over there and then He-Man Bruh used his guns.   Lots of Parametricism, you know when Patrick Schumacher says….” – Downer Skeletor

    “Ja, Ja…das ist all technical, but vhy?” – Olaf

    “My grandfather was on the same swim team with Peter Eisenman and there was this thing about axis and deconstruction and then Wexner came on the scene and failed technically to be re-done in 2003 and now it is a historical masterpiece.   My grandfather said I should make it work for PE. Who is not a professional engineer….mmmm....errr…” – Downer Skeletor

    “Make vhat vork?” – Olaf

    “Don’t know man, don’t know…” – Downer Skeletor

    “Keine Ahnung, Ja - Wunderbar!  Naturally, He-Man, what are your thoughts on this matter?” – Olaf

    “Bruh, so basically dude, like the Russians were in a pool that floated in the ocean and swam it over to the New York City and couldn’t find a place to park it and headed out.  Koolhaas has the Medusa have like an accident with it…. Then theme park Tron Motherboard like bought the rights and shit to the pool floating in ocean idea and re-branded it like +POOL on kickstarter.  So that’s what I do, I throw a pool of Russians into the Wexner Grid daily and it launches off towards the NeuKunst museum processor daily.” – He-Man Bruh

    “Very informative.  Skeletor?” – Olaf

    It has often been argued that modernism derived its principles from the philosophy of Hegel.  In this argument, the fundamental principles developed in Hegel’s Lectures on Aesthetics evolved into terms of the modernist rupture with classical traditions.” – Downer Skeletor

    “Qvuiet, vhat are you, a grad student in architecture?.  Zat was PE verbatim from Blue Line Text intro, where he covers the last vestiges of intellectualism in an over theorized field leaving the Arabesque and the Grotesque, which Hernan Diaz Alonso took care of by blowing his load all over plastic porn furniture and placing it in a Public School number 1!” – Olaf

    “You said Porn man!” – He-Man Bruh

    “Vhat do you know about porn?” – Olaf

    “Was like up for an audition man, but my mom wasn’t cool with it, she knew the director.  Skeletor over here is a porn expert, he couldn’t get a girl to talk to him if his life depended on it, but he has a legit collection.” – He-Man Bruh

    “It’s the mask, it scares people.” – Downer Skeletor

    “Pretty sure it’s you man that scares people?” – He-Man Bruh

    “Children!  Didn’t za pool miss it’s mark, it appears to have not made a Martian Canal?” – Olaf

    “Be right back bruh” – He-Man Bruh

    [roll droid fly over of olympics clip]

    "The Russians, errr...we mean The Olympic Athletes from Russia have arrived." - Downer Skeletor


    It appears the Master of Universe were totally invented on the fly.  Like this post. 

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