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    By fictional\_/Christopher
    Feb 21, '17 1:10 AM EST

    Faux (adjective) – made in imitation, artificial.  Not genuine, fake or false.Modern (noun) – a person who advocates or practices a departure from traditional styles or values.Since Parametric Post-Modernism, never caught on, surprisingly! going to take a stab at a word/phrase with homage to Po-Mo.


    The google graphs above indicate the word ‘Faux’ has become very popular in the last few decades and ‘Modern’ started to fade around the 1940’s.

    It appears we’ll never be ‘modern’ again as a society, since ‘modern’ is now as traditional as a Big Mac is American Pie (und vee all live in Amerika;)

    If you haven’t noticed, modern architecture is as common as McDonalds – Billions Served:  Dwell magazine, the overuse of the phrase “open concept” on HGTV,  on and on…

    “A significant architecture must incorporate both internal and external expressions.  The external language, which engages inventions of culture at large, is rooted in a figurative, associational, and anthropomorphic attitude.” – Michael Graves, ‘A Case for Figurative Architecture’

    Here it is, the monument to Faux-Mo.  It has all the figurative, associational, and anthropomorphic attributes of modern architecture.

    Located at the corner of West 28th and Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in New York City a recently re-built McDonalds with a new experience. Automated Cashier Machines, the future is here – demand full automation.  Touch-screen to put in your order and a homing device locator for the only human part of this entire transaction – a smiling McDonalds employee delivering your tray of fast food, and you can’t even tip them.There's an App for that?It's a reveal on the right, just paint on the left.concrete boards with form work holes? Tadao Ando laminate?


    • staggered base southside of cementious panels have no clothes. new item: layer burger. thanks for blogging.

      Feb 21, 17 1:54 am

      the McDonald burger is "modern" and one point I did not make but I assume is hinted at by your comment - the facade is a layered sandwhich of real and fake materials as laminates/veneers - a standard faux-mo design move.

      Feb 22, 17 7:40 am

      Bitin' my lines man- Faux(st) modernism.

      Feb 23, 17 12:09 pm

      was trying to find that post by you as the comment was about this exact building. good thing its not the same phrase... faux(st) might be too heady for the casual faux-mo observer.


      btw had to google "bitin' lines", getting old man...

      Come on, you can get old but some things you can't forget.


      well, I am not certain "bitin' lines" was around in the early to mid-90's, back when I would actually write, and i hope the tapes are burned, rap over Gameboy music....but who knows, thats 20 years ago now. getting old....


      "Metal buildings are the dream that Modern Architects had at the beginning of this century. It has finally come true, but they themselves don't realize it. That's because it doesn't take an Architect to build a metal building."

      Feb 23, 17 12:51 pm

      David Byrne?


      David Byrne.

      according to a rap forum thread i do not believe I was butin' your lines, and would like to give a shout out to Marc Miller...and I qoute "if you just straight up repeating the line to me, you biting no matter what. if you repeating the line but altering it in a clever way then thats aight to an extent, if you shouting out the rapper or crediting the person who said it first thats okay too. tbh tho its a crime to steal someones flows, lines or style but a lot of shit is the same right now you cant tell whos copying who. drake got caught out by rappin 4 tay not so long ago, he bit his line in a low key way which is weak but that shits happening a lot."......................but to be bitin' lines is essential to good faux-mo!

      Feb 23, 17 7:35 pm

       I had to mess with you.

      This is a great faux(st) modern example, trying to hard to be something that it is not and sacrificing so much integrity in the process-both in the construction and the service model. These are just additional layers of fake being added on to a fast food service model that struggles to maintain it's margins. Eventually they'll expedite their service all the way back to a coin-op model. 


      Feb 23, 17 11:21 pm

      just went for a milk run to the local Quickcheck convenience gas station (not allowed to go to work if I drink all the milk in the morning without replenishing it, the family will be mad!). I went to use the self-checkout and the human (an older lady) says I should have her do it - she said she was faster. Sure enough she was faster and could bag the milk too Told her about this McDonalds and she shrugged and wondered why still have a human deliver the tray of food, then noted, at least they get the order right. Robots. I agree though, this is probably an attempt to lower margins, the question is - as Bill Gates puts it- since these machines are taking place of humans should they be taxed as well?

      I've been noticing the phrase(s) which I know aren't new, "progressive architecture" / "progressive design" a bit more frequently, recently...

      Always wanted to eat at an Automat. For some reason I imagine it has a bit more romance / nostalgia than a vending machine...

      Feb 25, 17 8:50 pm

      progressive is very broad, I will start looking for it more.

      Nam, vending machines are not as cool-  OPM - Rage Against The Coke Machine  ;)

      also, Automat is a reference to the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

      Feb 26, 17 3:14 pm

      In undergrad I tried to a sushi bar/automat project sited in Philly. My adviser quickly squashed it and I had just the one. I need to find those drawings for a quick dose of hurt. 

      Feb 26, 17 7:21 pm

      besides that making total sense on about 7 levels, including Japan's understanding of robots, which is much different than ours...see Log #36 – Robolog Edited by Greg Lynn

      would love to see the work!

      Feb 26, 17 8:32 pm

      If I find those drawings I'm not sharing them.

      Feb 26, 17 9:27 pm

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