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    Motherboard, NJ: Some Lonely Architectural Details

    By I am a liberal
    Jun 3, '17 4:11 PM EST

    Back at the office…“Bob, where are you man?”

    “Bob, you see that Barcelona Chair? It’s on to me.  Where is my red stapler?"“Bob, did Bill take my Swingline Stapler?!?”“Bob!”“Here buddy I took some pics of some lonely architectural details for you!” - Bob

    [A man unable to shut off the experience of reality, which he cannot explain away its unremitting strangeness and its burning intensity of signficance.]

    The schizophrenic is a soul not merely unregenerate, but desperately sick into the bargain.  His sickness consists in the inability to take refuge from inner and outer reality (as the sane person habitually does) in the homemade universe of common sense – the strictly human world of useful notions, shared symbols and socially acceptable conventions.  The schizophrenic is like a man permanently under the influence of mescalin, and therefore unable to shut off the experience of reality which he is not holy enough to live with, which he cannot explain away because it never permits him to look at the world with merely human eyes, scares him into interpreting its unremitting strangeness, its burning intensity of significance, as the manifestations of human or even cosmic malevolence, calling for the most desperate countermeasures, from murderous violence at one end of the scale and catatonia, or psychological suicide, at the other.  And once embarked upon the downward, the infernal road, one would never be able to stop.  That, now, was only too obvious.

    – Aldous  Huxley, The Doors of Perception

    "There is a great a phobia about the mind"

    Motherboard, NJ ;)

    "Caring for, empowering, and building a future that honors the past, honors the planet, and honors the power of the human imagination." - Terrance McKenna on schizophrenia as shamanism

    Is the last man in Motherboard, NJ a shaman?


    [all renderings and photos by Bob, use freely, just mention me in paranoid conversations when using freely]

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    • Juras1956

      Tell bob that bill wants his red stapler now !!!!!!!!

      Jul 6, 17 3:13 pm  · 

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