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    The Crossy-Frogger Urban Complex

    By I am a liberal
    Jul 28, '18 12:05 AM EST

     Corb and Bacon never saw it coming.

    The CrossyFrogger Urban Complex

    [from the movie Office Space (1999)]

    [for comparison with Crossy-Frogger Urbanism, below is a model developed by the Philadelphia Department of Public Property -"
    means of transparent planes, the complex interactions and cross
    connections of the multi-level intersecting subway and subway surface
    systems (____), and the network of pedestrian units (____), linking all
    the parts together.
    " - Design of Cities, Edmund N. Bacon]


    About a thousand lanes of train tracks, roadways, and waterways divide this side of the loop from the suburbs.   The city’s indentured servants rarely escape across the traffic lines alive, but if they get half-way they might just find the glass house of Flat Eric.   Flat Eric gives you the Flat Beat and sometimes that’s just enough to get through the year. 

    I’m a  >>>FlatBeat Runner<<<.  Here are some pics I took of my recent crossy road frogger run to Flat Eric’s. 

    >>>Flat Beat<<<

    Now kids, remember, if you encounter one  of those evil little Sith Benzes, don't say hi - Say Bonjour!

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