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    Fuck the White Gods

    By I am a liberal
    Jun 2, '18 12:18 AM EST

    Read some: Tom Wolfe "From Bauhaus to our House"

    for those who need intellectual comfort

    (aka - half-ass archispeak word salads):

    Read the book, have some drinks, call me in the morning. 

    You ever been brainwashed? 

    Well, yeah, you have!

    You are on archinect and probably went to architecture school. 

    Those damn fundamentalists, in all black with their all modern ideas having those praise and worship studio crits. 

    Praise Corb!

    Do you - Feel like I do -  better ;)

    Peter or Kenneth Frampton, which one was it?

    You can leave the cult anytime, you know that right?!?

    Listen some: pairs well with Tom Wolfe's From Bauhaus to Our House and that fancy Japanese single malt Yamazaki whiskey..mmmm

    * no, but seriously: in honor of Tom Wolfe and his recent passing.


    • JLC-1

      I'm an atheist since a very young age.

      Jun 6, 18 5:20 pm  · 

      excuse me for my parents then.....

      Jun 14, 18 4:15 pm  · 
      Matthew Proctor's comment has been hidden

      Be careful on the cursed language quote "F****W*****G***"; in architecture; on the [Archinect @  publication], proper English, context, and languages amongst ourselves must be approximate toward usage.  Don't want any bad label on architects, both students and professionals.

      Sep 11, 18 4:53 pm  · 
      Non Sequitur

      but why? Nothing wrong with saying that white gods ought to be fucked. Perhaps it's the specificity of white gods that's bothersome? Perhaps you're right, let's just avoid the racism altogether and just claim: fuck all gods.

      Blasphemy is the definition of victimless crime afterall.

      Sep 11, 18 8:09 pm  · 

      Don't want any bad label on architects

      Far too many architects are pretty damn good at giving the profession a bad label.

      Sep 17, 18 10:21 pm  · 
      Matthew Proctor's comment has been hidden

      Let picture this, who rule the Heavens, the reality in an emporium of leading civilization by the people from thousands years of life force, building stability, and advanced massing systems.  I do not know if blackness claimed Nero and the underworld from the Deccapolis; to the Hades.  As much as all soul and purgatory.  Stardom may emit lightness.

      The currents are evidently real among ourselves as much as church, tradition, culture, and human development.  Superiority tend to empower themselves over human kind by masses in belief system of power.  Overpopulation may pose danger to the current civilization on whose 3rd world trends which deepen the potholes of human traffic as much as dungeons in infancy.  In other countries, the light source of whiteness opt for spirit as much as physical evidence to existence of these generations of successors from past to the future.  The white limestone which pose statues, sculptures, and marble for better natural efficiency of lifestyle in their higher landscapes.  The definition of Sun to the old world thought as much as white Lilly flower beds are viewed as cleaner in smell of fields that we see, whose walking on these paths of life.  That is the bible version of everlasting power in name of public life among people.

      Sep 11, 18 9:00 pm  · 
      Non Sequitur

      So I get why Matt's comments are shown hidden, but my response was totally adequate.  #allgodsmatter #allgodsdeservedtobefuckedequally

      Sep 12, 18 8:11 am  · 

      chris's name is now "i am liberal?"  does that mean  he's unbanned?


      Sep 17, 18 8:08 pm  · 
      wurdan freo

      wondering the same thing...

      Sep 18, 18 10:42 am  · 

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