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    motherboard, NJ: a night of drinkin' one (1) of many (∞)

    By I am a liberal
    Apr 15, '17 1:18 AM EST

    You ever watch that movie "Ubreakable" with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson?

    How often in life do you have that choice: Bruce Willis or Samuel L. Jackson?

    Probably never.

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    ...our man had that choice daily. You remember the guy who survived the meltdown by doing sub-grade work away from humanity. (assuming you've been reading this blog...its the fiction mixed in with casual material studies and architectural theory ramblings for the normal architectural people...).

    It should be expected though,  the guy who survives humanity's demise is someone who had no interest in humanity. 

    Anyway, our man could be Bruce or Samuel, but he preferred the drink to defer the decision.

    The three (3) bars by the power plant were still there.  The three white mock-ups of western saloons made in pure plastic. Yay - makerbot.

    You should always spell the number first and then put the Arabic numerals in parentheses when writing a legal sentence.  That sentence was legal, and what the FLW - Christopher Walken Frank Lloyd Wright where did you come from?

    and where is Jesus on your Dashboard! when you need him.

    is architecture out there?

    click here if lonely ;(   (that would be the song our guy put in while debating if he should be Samuel or Bruce looking at the saloon doors)

    he wondered if he should stumble over to The Veldt Drive-in?

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