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  • Fuck the White Gods

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jun 2, '18 12:18 AM EST

    Read some: Tom Wolfe "From Bauhaus to our House"

    for those who need intellectual comfort

    (aka - half-ass archispeak word salads):

    Read the book, have some drinks, call me in the morning. 

    You ever been brainwashed? 

    Well, yeah, you have!

    You are on archinect and probably went to architecture school. 

    Those damn fundamentalists, in all black with their all modern ideas having those praise and worship studio crits. 

    Praise Corb!

    Do you - Feel like I do -  better ;)

    Peter or Kenneth Frampton, which one was it?

    You can leave the cult anytime, you know that right?!?

    Listen some: pairs well with Tom Wolfe's From Bauhaus to Our House and that fancy Japanese single malt Yamazaki whiskey..mmmm

    * no, but seriously: in honor of Tom Wolfe and his recent passing.

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  • plattenbau rad: flooded

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    May 5, '18 12:18 AM EST

    Disenchantment of the concept is the antidote of [architecture]. -ND+ Lake Pontchartrain is like a great big beautiful spacious – space! – park on the water.  They pull the bus up in a parking area and there are nice trees round and all that endless nice water and they put on their bathing... View full entry

  • plattenbau rad: analogical

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Apr 7, '18 8:02 PM EST

    And you don’t even know, bub….with these drugs your perception is altered enough that you find yourself looking out of completely strange eyeholes.  All of us have a great deal of our minds locked shut.  We’re shut off from our own world.  And these drugs seem to be the key to open these... View full entry

  • plattenbau rad: Testarossi Bit 001

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Mar 23, '18 11:51 PM EST

    ...evokes many sources, among them an archaeological section whose elements lie in a chance order or, better, in a disarray whose order can no longer be traced by excavation.  This 'archaeological' section has a concrete power to perform like a deed bound directly to the imagination, not unlike... View full entry

  • plattenbau rad: T1-S2

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Mar 3, '18 9:57 PM EST

    . [English: Here we go!] [English: No] [English:He's not human, he's like a piece of iron.] No shit sherlock, it says he's the CPU player, so yeah he's iron. Come-on Drago-ra! Question is: Is 1850 pounds force enough to crack a brick? You may wonder: What do the Merry Pranksters and Theodor W... View full entry

  • plattenbau rad: T1-S1

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Feb 24, '18 11:28 PM EST

    . to be continued.... the yada yada: For each chapter of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test a few paragraphs form Theodor W. Adorno's Negative Dialecticswill be ripped off and modified.  Drago from Rocky IV (authors personal hero at age 8) and Devito (his various movie characters) will... View full entry

  • the bricks of lloyd

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Feb 18, '18 12:21 AM EST

    . The End.  Inspiration for this test by Simon Stalenhagsoundtrack byLaVern Baker - Voodoo Voodoo View full entry

  • Tron Motherboard Gonzo Notes 3.1459265359 - The Story of the Pool

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Feb 11, '18 8:16 PM EST

    The Story of the Pool (1977) is a short text by Rem Koolhaas, often found at the end of Delirious New York also by Rem Koolhaas.  Go get a copy and read it.  In case you don’t have that kind of attention span, try an animation interpretation shown below by Heidi Arad (architect). [Threadkilla... View full entry

  • mood gifboard

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jan 20, '18 9:04 PM EST

    A mood board is that surface you drop a whole bunch of images and materials on that essentially give the feel and description of what you're designing. A collage of sorts. The old school way was to put stuff on a foam core board and schlepp it around to client meetings, etc... Then came... View full entry

  • Bright and Cheery Brutalism Adaptations (doodles)

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jan 6, '18 10:57 PM EST

    Concrete is fun!  Make it all concrete.List of Buildings:Ennis House by Frank Lloyd WrightRiverside Museum by Zaha Hadid ArchitectsJubilee Church by Richard MeierWexner Center for Visual Arts by Peter Eisenman View full entry

  • Dream – 2017.12.29.am_0400

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Dec 30, '17 12:21 AM EST

    [scene 1] Escaping the post-apocalyptic city outside you arrive inside the architecture school.   Over the loud speakers the course ‘Sharing the City’ is described.   Most desks are empty except one corner section of the building.  This corner is crowded with students on the floor, on the... View full entry

  • Time Machine - "Building Collapes"

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Dec 22, '17 10:45 PM EST

    This is a collection of NY Times news stories that appear when you search the 150+ years of the NY Times archives for the phrase “building collapse”.  If you do not understand why building codes exist, I believe this should help.    CONSTRUCTION COLLAPSE IN TIMES SQUARE: THE BUILDING... View full entry

  • A history of the New York City Brick and How it Got Laid

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Nov 18, '17 2:12 AM EST

    If reading building codes does not get you excited, you’re reading them wrong.  This is a brief blog post on brick and mortar within the literal confines of building codes, state laws, and colonial law language for the city and state of New York.    The commonly misunderstood oldest existing... View full entry

  • the Tron Lally Column

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Oct 8, '17 7:38 PM EST

    Based on two fellow archinectors input and feedback, the following is further development on a recent random blog post The Tron lighting effect has been incorporated into the column capitals and some research on the Lally Column was done as well. [the Tron Column integrated with a Lally Column]... View full entry

  • Asbury Park - Whitney Warren

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Sep 9, '17 11:03 PM EST

    Located on the Jersey Shore, little over an hour from New York city (on a good day of traffic) is Asbury Park, New Jersey.    If you like Elk Sausage and one liter mugs of German Beer there’s the Festhalle.  Then there’s the Zombie Walk holding the world record for largest gathering of... View full entry

  • the Tron Column

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Sep 9, '17 1:40 AM EST

    Not yet available at Home Depot or Lowes.It's the future, a glowing column!Tron design it!Are you into glowing columns bruh?What about lightening rod parametric framing, bruh? Don't make me explain myself or this post. Is nice?________________________________________________________@ Zulu... View full entry

  • Intro to Collage City/The Martian Chronicles/Images in your head

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jul 29, '17 11:29 PM EST

    Best click bait you'll ever click-on (as an architect): #Woodrow Wilson #Princeton #Hilbersheimer #Public Housing #Pruit-Igoe #Architect as Human ouija-board#rape [full text pdf link] The intro to Collage City waivers between two quotes on nature and the mind, science and poetics, ideals and... View full entry

  • How to Read Drawings 101 [USA]

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jul 22, '17 7:44 PM EST

    Twenty (20) years ago (1997) as incoming freshmen students we were told by academics – “You’ll learn construction drawings and contract documents when you get a job, but if you’re interested there always is Architectural Graphic Standards and D.K. Ching and exam study guides.”  This is... View full entry

  • Drone Towers and Fullfilment Centers

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jul 1, '17 11:50 PM EST

    1. Fullfilment- the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted. Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one's abilities or character. The meeting of a requirement or condition. The performance of a task, duty, or role as required, pledged, or expected.     2. A... View full entry

  • Motherboard, NJ: Some Lonely Architectural Details

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Jun 3, '17 4:11 PM EST

    Back at the office…“Bob, where are you man?”“Bob, you see that Barcelona Chair? It’s on to me.  Where is my red stapler?"“Bob, did Bill take my Swingline Stapler?!?”“Bob!”“Here buddy I took some pics of some lonely architectural details for you!” - Bob[A man unable to shut... View full entry

  • materials at microscopic levels 2.01-2.12

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Apr 22, '17 10:44 PM EST

    Format:Name of MaterialPhotos of Material at Human Vision ScalePhotos at 10x scans and/or to 50x magnification (with a microscope of course) 2.01   Vinyl Stainmaster Handscraped Nook by Lowe's[10x scan] Finish Surface 2.02   Vinyl Stainmaster Washed Oak by Lowe's[10x scan] Finish... View full entry

  • Motherboard, NJ: at the bar

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Apr 15, '17 9:28 PM EST

    The last human in Motherboard, NJ never had any interest in humanity.  This fact remained the same even after everyone was gone.The bars near the cooling tower crafted by makerbots in pure white plastic with the smells of a western saloons filtered into the mechanical duct system were open for as... View full entry

  • materials at microscopic levels 1.01-1.10

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Apr 8, '17 4:59 PM EST

    Format:Name of MaterialPhotos of Material at Human Vision ScalePhotos at 10x to 50x magnification (with a microscope of course) 1.01 Brick (cut side)[10x to 50x gif]1.02 Brick (clean side)[10x to 50x gif]1.03 Bluestone[10x - 50x]1.04 Bluestone (brownish patina) [10x to 50x gif]1.05 Carrara Marble... View full entry

  • popcorn ceilings at Space Mountain, Disney World

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Apr 3, '17 9:18 PM EST

    Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland. As any architect would I looked for the interesting. The surrounding area had this Futurism feel to it.  Space Mountain very much appears to have elements from Antonio Sant'Elia work (La Città Nuova, 1914)As we approached the roller coaster cars I... View full entry

  • Motherboard, NJ after the Meltdown

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Apr 2, '17 2:35 PM EST

    He was the last man in Motherboard New Jersey with all the access to the Veldt - he could be anybody in any form anywhere anytime.After the meltdown it appeared only he had survived.  Working in dark ,deep and damp cellars away from humans had it's benefits.  [He] should have been a pair of... View full entry

    motherboard, new jersey meltdown drive-in


  • Most Excellent Adventures in Math + Architecture 0.03

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Mar 25, '17 11:28 PM EST

    So Antoni Gaudi designed the arches at Sagrada Familia by hanging chains?  Inverted Catenaries dude![1889 – Gaudí’s Hanging Chain Models ][link to photo source][link to photo source]dude, got it!y(x) = a + (1/b)cosh(b(x-c))Equation for the Shape of a Hanging Rope, Cable, or ChainScript used... View full entry

  • the self inverview by Jim Morrison + some whiskey

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Mar 25, '17 4:24 AM EST

     Real architecture doesn't say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities and delivers us from limited ways in which we see and feel things.Why are you here?Why are you an architect?Why are you becoming an architect?Give me a break, it's 4:30am and I've drank enough whiskey to kill a horse and... View full entry

  • Motherboard, NJ - Prelude: The Waste Land of Circuit Boards

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Mar 18, '17 12:12 PM EST

    math is the cruelest for finding meaning.all of reality adding up to numbers,and all the numbers adding up to nothing meaningful.[Shannon–Hartley theorem/rendering of Parthenon]the proportions always made us architects feel good.the golden ratio and the fibonaccci sequence.meaningless symbols... View full entry

  • Motherboard, new jersey

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Mar 5, '17 7:19 PM EST

    this entire post was inspired by - A City Is Not a Computer  and a wall in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, covered with circuit boards painted white - Daniel Gonçalves"Instead of more gratuitous parametric modeling, we need to think about urban epistemologies that embrace memory and history; that recognize... View full entry

    motherboard, new jersey

  • Most Excellent Adventures in Math + Architecture 0.02

    By Sir Apple Chrissy
    Feb 26, '17 9:14 PM EST

    Your mom lives in a Rhombus dude?No bruh, she bought a Costa Surface to avoid dad. Minimal surface trick.but, she was also looking at the Double Enneper...with a swimming pool topside! ...and she checked out the Array of Suites at Karcher JE Saddle Towers, Los Angeles, CaliforniaDude, what about... View full entry

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